Thursday, August 02, 2007

Why are some heroines not so heroic?

*Disclaimer: The write-up is about present day Tamil heroines!!!

2007 is being a successful year for Tamil cinema. Though there are a lot many to hit the list for the rest of the year; with movies like 'Pachakili Muthucharam', 'Mozhi','Unnale Unnale', 'Paruthiveeran', 'Pokiri', and last but never the least 'Sivaji', Kollywood has given its audience a variety of flavors.

Out of a thousand movies, considering a few which flashes in my mind now, or rather the ones I watched recently raises a question that; do Tamil heroines need to know more than glamour? Let me quote a few heroines whom I admired recently Anne Hathaway in 'Princess Diaries' , Kate Hudson in 'Raising Helen', Angelina Jolie in 'Life Or Something Like It' , always on-the-top Julia Roberts in 'My Best Friend's Wedding'(like everyone else I would have seen this movie a number of times).

In the movie 'Pokiri', Asin who is considered to be the best these days has proved that she is yet another commercial heroine; nothing more nothing less! Maybe to attain this level of popularity she had previously acted in commercial-glamour roles. But once people have framed her as the most-favored one; as film-critic Madhan quoted, she needs to do a lot of homework! Not just Asin, many other recent day Tamil heroines have to work hard to retain their names or rather to get a name. I recently saw a banner 'Trisha Foundation' by Trisha fan club members. No comments!

I have not seen Shriya's acting in any other movies than 'Sivaji'. I had a notion that Shankar would have made anyone do that role. But I did like Shriya's dance for the songs. I can say she has put in some effort. Sangeetha gave a stunning performance in 'Pithamagan'. Like how actor Vikram got his fame a little late in his life, same holds good for Sangeetha too. Jothika is comparatively better than other female leads, but after I watched Jennifer Anniston in 'Derailed', my notion about her acting in 'Pachakili Muthucharam' drastically came down. Present day Tamil heroines should willingly take up challenging roles and create history rather than dancing for an item number in a commercial picture.


Sumeet said...

Well the actress in west also took a long time to come out of stereotype roles added to raise the glam value of movie !
This is the transition phase going on for all indian cinemas (not sure abt tamil though !) whr the change is being accepted thanx to metor population invading multiplexes and shelling out obnoxious prices for every damn movie ... so wait a bit u ll get gud heroic heroines as well :)

Anuradha said...

//Well the actress in west also took a long time to come out of stereotype roles added to raise the glam value of movie !//

Now here lies the beauty. None of them stay for long! Here in South-India,they come, act in one or two movies and disappear!

Anonymous said...

So shall we book Julia Roberts for azhagiya tamizh magan and see what difference she makes

Anuradha said...


now come on, r u kidding? what an actress she is....? u want to book her in a "!@#$%^&*()" ?

Sumeet said...

Well thats becoz they lack talent to survive in market and thr aim is to show some latka jhtka and earn some name ... thats it ! Hindi cinema is seeing some talent like konkona and rani .. hope tamil cinema will also b blessed soon

Anuradha said...

Sumeet u have mistaken,

As I mentioned, the write-up is for present day tamil heroines.

It is not that tamil cinema is to be blessed soon, but Tamil cinema has already seen many legends previously like Saavithri, Saroja Devi,Revathi and many more.....

Anonymous said...

I like only actress Saritha.You know she is a wonderful actress.

Seenivasan said...

Anu - we can't really blame it on our heroines. Only the movie makers that should be blamed. We do certainly have talented actresses here. Only thing is they need the right opportunity to prove.

Even if you take Hollywood only the actresses aged more than 40 are getting the great roles to perform. Still the teen and younger heriones are performing in crap movies.

Look at Radhika. I am so impressed about her performance. She is the real meaning of versatile.

Look at Saranya. She is giving stunning performances now.

Even Simran's performance in few movies were simply superb.

Am I speaking out of context?

Anuradha said...

//Only thing is they need the right opportunity to prove.//


Accepted.Be it hollywood or Kollywood actress take up mind-blowing roles only after many years in acting.

even I like Saranya these days('RAM',Em Magan').But here they make them do mother roles,wherein in Hollywood even after 40 they do heroine roles.

Here, by the time they get the right opportunity they are out of the market.Fresh ones come in.

Asin for example has acted in quiet a number of movies mostly hits...'Mkumaran','Varalaaru','Pokiri','Gajni'; movies were a hit but her role does not stand in our hearts.

But right as you say //we can't really blame it on our heroines.Only the movie makers that should be blamed.//