Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Accidents are not accidental at all times. Certain deliberate mistakes which we think could be taken as a 'never mind ' at that moment might raise disastrous puzzles which would be unanswered for the rest of the life. Everyone is not god or for that matter every entity in this world is not borne to think in a wise manner especially when crucial decisions are to be made. But when it comes between life and 'anything else' I feel even a real nerd should decide to take up his life as top priority.

With the recent helmet rule being declared here in Chennai (South-India), I personally feel some sort of increase in the existing disciplinary action. Still there are people who feel "a rule can't change me”. Now they are the losers who easily get into a life with disastrous puzzles. And mind you, only a few of them get proper solutions.

Many leading corporate here in Chennai also abide by the helmet rule and insist their employees to lead a safe life. Certain corporate also feel following a rule would be better than self-discipline. This indirectly means they don’t allow employees without helmets inside their premises. Now our 'Romeos' have come up with a new notion. Recently I saw a few of them carrying their helmets along with them without wearing it. They stop the bike exactly in front of the office gate, wear the helmet, and get in. What are they trying to prove? Following company rules? Well, yes. But what’s the use of a 'thing' which is not used for the right purpose and at the right place?

On the other hand, at few places it is nice to see both the driver and the co-passenger wearing helmets even on lonely roads. Its not just education, but respect for self and others which makes these people follow the rules and safeguard themselves without causing much pain to their near and dear ones.

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