Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is it a crooked ankle?

Here is the scenario. He was walking down the stairs of a dark auditorium and he slipped a couple of stairs ending up collapsing on the ground. There was a 911 call and he got emergency treatment but was sent home the same day. Now that's not a fracture, but a ligament tear. I have known many people for whom this has happened, mostly during their childhood. Children are more prone to such ailments. And their are the sportsperson to whom this happens more frequently.

The main remedy to 'ligament tear' apart from the medication, and what the doctors insists, goes by a simple abbreviation RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Ample amount of rest, coupled with contact to ice pack, compressing and elevating the affected leg cures and let the ligament grow much faster. Believe me, its that difficult managing a person who has got a ligament tear.

All day he used to sit rest and watch movies. Man, he had his vacation for two weeks. One good thing was, at the end of second week he was ready to even drive a car. And ya, we did do a crazy thing, to go on a long drive (almost covering 500 miles up and down) to mark our anniversary.

Did I mention the reason why he was coming down the stairs, before all this mishap happened? I was on stage for a debate show and he was going to video tape it.