Sunday, August 12, 2007

Recipe - Fruits with dates syrup!

As and when we do our fitness exercises and yoga at home; when it turns out to be a holiday its better to go for an alternative breakfast than the regular idly-dosa-pongal(popular South Indian breakfast). As fruits are universally accepted food for healthy life we can research how to make our breakfast more interesting with them. Trying out various combinations with whatever is available at home would help our body to be fit along with keeping our creativity intact. I never used to like dates until I tried this combination. These days dates come in syrup form readily available in markets.This one is a regular fruit salad, though gives a peculiar taste.Try out this combination,

Dates Syrup (now this is the extra item I am adding to the regular fruit salad which gives it a unique taste)

1. Cut all the fruits into smaller cubes.
2. Mix them in a big bowl.
3. Add milk and refrigerate.
4. Before serving add 1 tablespoon dates syrup.

** Again as one's own creativity goes, you can add cashew, dry grapes, and some nuts available at home. Diet conscious people avoid them.

Yummy, is it not?

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