Monday, August 13, 2007

'Sani' Bhagavan's new home!

With 'SaniPeyarchi'(Sani-Saturn; peyarchi-shift) happening all over TamilNadu and other South-Indian states, most Hindus who have a strong belief in astrology would be browsing through newspapers and Internet to check if the Bhagavan (god) is standing in a favorable position for self and their near and dear ones. No matter how hip-hop a person belonging to this generation is; if his/her parents strongly believe in astrology then one can't escape the 'parikarams'(alternative actions performed to reduce the bad effect) stated under their star sign (Natchathiram).My mom said this year 'Sani' is shifting from Kataga Raasi (Cancer) to Simha Raasi (Leo) and from there he is glancing at Viruchigam(Scorpion) which fortunately/unfortunately turns out to be my star. Worrying about the after effects she started reading the papers vigorously.

'ThinaMalar','ThinaThanthi','Thinakaran','Kalki','Kumudham','Kungumam','Vikatan'(these are popular Tamil newspapers and magazines)- you name it we have it! .I thought I would have nice fun comparing the information given in all these dailies and weeklies; which I do normally. Not to my surprise, the news in each one of them varied distinctly from the other. While one says I have to visit Tanjore temple, the other says Trichy Pillayar(Lord Ganesha) is my target god. As if, the other gods would say,"Not my turn girl, contact Ganesha" when approached.

Turning on the radio to enjoy a soothing tune, there came Mr.X with his 'Indraya RaasiPalan'(future perception.Precisely how your day is going to be). While my thumb was about to make a move to switch channels he said, "Viruchiga raasi neyargale,iniku naal muzhuvadhum sorvu, thollai, thukkam"(meaning- the people who belong to Viruchigam star would find this day a not so lucky one with depression added to it ). Though I keep boasting that I never believe in astrology; a tiny cell inside my body started shivering. Again, as usual i told myself "I care a damn" and gave work to my thumb. The day went fantastically superb with lots of fun and frolic. And I totally forgot what Mr.X said until I turned on the radio the next day.

My perception is trust in self, positive attitude, faith in god, target goals in life, wise decision wins all not so worthy statements.


Anonymous said...

I loved this post. you write so well. I laughed too.

Keep it up.


Anuradha said...

Thanks Rumya...! Keep reading!

Nagarajan said...

Akka,(neenga engallukku mattum akka illa oorukkae akka :) )
What I liked the most in ur blog is
VARIETY of content
most of them are Short and surprising either in the content or in the way it is put or humour (in imagining it with u)

Keep going!!!