Thursday, February 25, 2010


Initially, when I was a kinder-garden kid, people used to ask me; what I would want to become when I grow up. And being a popular girly answer at that time, I would reply - Doctor! Then, during my high school days my goal slightly changed towards my interest in space research. For quite some years, I was sticking onto this profession(I mean dreaming about this profession). Then during my higher secondary, my electives pulled me back into my childhood goal of becoming a doctor (Oh yes, I mean I was in Biology group).

My board exam results made a slight twist. Since my Maths score was more than that of Biology, according to Indian law of Medical Entrance my chances were very weak to become a doctor. Hence, Engineering colleges opened their gates wide enough for me. Here, I jumped into the pool, or rather the ocean. And my choice of specialization was none other than 'Electronics and Communication Engineering'. Well, my father decided during my first year of engineering that I would become an expert 'Electronics Engineer' and join him in BSNL repairing 'Telephonic circuits'.

He in fact was very keen and adamant that I work only for a government concern (the 9 to 5 office, remember?). So he in his own way started spending money on application forms of government office like BSNL, VSNL, BHEL, Railways, to name a few. Trust me, I cant imagine sitting in those old buildings, with a ceiling fan too far from the ceiling supported by a long rod; and which almost comes and hits your head. And not to forget, reaching office at 10.00 AM, lunch at 12.30 AM inside the so called office canteen with uncles and aunties and grandpa's and grandma's. I used to hate these government jobs and wrote these UPSC exams just for the sake of my dad.

Thank God, I narrowly escaped joining them. And what else, fell into another pit called IT; oh ya as a technology person trying to code and talk. And now, do you remember I initially wanted to become a doctor. But guess what, there was a time when doctors were envying software engineers. Not anymore I guess, after this cycle of recession. Oh ya, did I mention; somewhere between my high school and higher secondary I also had another goal - to join the army! Well, that vanished in between my busy schedules.

And now, after about 5+ years of breaking my head in technology; is management my path?

Oh ya, there was a subject called as 'Engineering Drawing' during my first year of Engineering. Only the guys who framed the curriculum would know why on earth they had to include such a subject in the course. Maybe they thought, in future sometime after 10-15 years; that would help me sketch the plan of my house; on my own. And still the device called 'drafter' is hanging down somewhere in my bedroom loft!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Junk Comments

Whoa....A sudden increase in my blog comments. And not to my surprise most of them being junk. In this world of internet, now I guess blogs are hot spots to forward and spread junk/spam links and information; may or may not be with a viral infection. One of my laptops got seriously infected with this culprit. Am searching for antibiotics!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Great Smokey Mountains at Summer

A look back on all our trips to the Great Smokey Mountains. I failed to write down my experiences then and there. Here I am recollecting my beautiful moments at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park across Tennessee- North Carolina. This was my first among the 4 trips, across all seasons.

Summer (June 2009) - This reminds me of the scenic lush green mountains, last summer. Greenery everywhere! We did not feel the heat of summer anytime on the mountain top. The strech from city of Cherokee to the city of Gatlinburg is the main essence of the trip to the Smokeys. In between this stretch is the Tennessee-North Carolina borderline. Gatlinburg is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains. The Gatlinburg stretch has a number of shops with a variety of food and fudges and what not! Though there are a number of hotels/motels you can opt for, I suggest you can stay in Pigeon Forge, which is 6 miles away from the Mountains as well as Gatlinburg.
Pigeon Forge is another city full of activities. It has a number of fun parks.
On our way back home we switched routes and came via Chattanooga, a must-see location in Tennessee. 'Ruby Falls' is a historical underground falls, which was discovered by Leo Lambert who named it after his wife 'Ruby'. An elevator takes you underground and there is a mile long trekking inside the caves to view the stunning beauty of this 'America's Highest Underground Falls'.