Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dog Days!

Trend these days is body wash, massage, manicure, pedicure, and final touch-ups all come for just Rs.1600. Tell this to a girl and you can see a maximum portion of her eyeballs out. Be it male or female, this is the cost of a complete package for a royal look. Now stop elevating your hopes. Still if you get ready to visit this place, take your dog along with you. Yes, the package is for the dogs.

Maybe the person who actually does the body wash for the dogs keeps his fingers crossed till he is done;for his life is at risk.We normally shout out when the beautician suddenly goes wrong scratching our skin during a hair cut. What would the dogs do? Even though they are brought up in posh localities in a royal manner; they are dogs by nature.

Now once the wash is over, a perfect massage is done for the dog. Then the doggy, be it a male or female undergoes manicure and pedicure treatments. For men who are not aware, did that sound like pedigree? Pedicure is a treatment done for the legs to give a decent look; while the former is for hands. Now if its a female dog they get free hair clips too. When everything is done the doggy is ready to walk the red carpet.

Its not all over here. Dog-dating is another aspect, wherein one can leave their dog's name and gender in the dog beauty parlors. And once a perfect match comes the owner is contacted for a date. The dog owners can accompany their dogs while they date. Try being decent enough not to peep into their (dog's) personal affairs.

The whole idea is to be welcomed as pets need to be given some good treatments too.After all, dogs are man's immediate friends!

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