Friday, November 28, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram

Verdict - Surya deserves an applause!

Vaaranam Aayiram is about the bond between a father and a son.I am sure most sons who watched the movie would have experienced at least one 'scene' in common with their own father in life.Well, that's what Gowtham Menon, the director of the movie claims, that this movie is a real life story of his father.Gowtham Menon has never been in the list of my favorite directors before this I saw this movie or rather I never felt anything great or new in his work. Now, he slowly seams to impress me with Vaaranam Aayiram.

Surya - This man has already been my favorite actor, ever since I saw him in Peralagan. I also liked his performance in Pithamagan.In Kaakha Kaakha through him, I saw the life of a policeman in Tamil Nadu(but tell me which policeman is as handsome as Surya was!). In Vaaranam Aayiram, he has shown his talents in acting, dancing, singing, expressions, romancing, humor(a little lesser though, in this movie),body building(a special mention) and more.

Simran - She best fits the mother character than the college girl. Well, that's what a mother of a child in South India could maximum do in acting. I wonder how do Hollywood actress manage to do action movies and maintain their physique even after child birth.

Divya Spandana - Not used to the fullest in the movie!

Sameera Reddy - I liked her smile. More than director's commands, it also depends on the actor has or follows his own style of acting which most of Indian actors lack.

Special features of the movie which made me write about it here:
1.Surya and his hard work. The father Surya, his expressions and mannerisms to match that of a 60 year old man.Drug addict Surya, his arrogance and message to younger generation.His 6 packs. Manly!

2.The messages in the movie - Cancer kills(or rather cigarette smoking kills); Drug addiction and its after effects; Join the army; And the best message of all - Overcome your depression by deviating yourself into any kind of activity that you feel is worthy! The dialogue Surya delivers exclusively for the younger generation about body-building to overcome depression was absolutely well-received and an excellent thought! Well, I felt this is how movies should be, at least for the young guys who bunk their schools and colleges to watch a show!

3.Joining the army and its importance.

4.Songs - Though usual Harris Jayaraj ones, I liked 'Analmele Panithuli' (a different approach from Harris) and 'Anjale Anjale'(for Karthik who is my favorite and the 'type' of the song which was foot-tapping or rather a 'kuthu' song)

On the whole, though it has its own flaws , a good movie to be watched and I am happy Tamil Cinema can be this informative to the youth! I was moved after watching it!