Saturday, March 29, 2008

Recipe - Spice up the Fish!


Fish ( preferably the squared ones) – 2 pieces
Ginger – small piece
Garlic – 3
Pepper – 1 small spoon
Green chillies – 2
Lime juice – 1 table spoon
Corn flour – 1 table spoon
Turmeric powder – 1 pinch
Onion and Coriander leaves for garnishing


1. Wash the fish cubes well with water and keep it aside
2. Put ginger, garlic, pepper, green chillies in a mixer and make it a fine paste.
3. Make fine holes on the fish with a sharp knife.
4. Put the fish in a big bowl; Add the paste prepared, lime juice, turmeric powder, salt to it.
5. Marinate the ingredients all over the fish such that the paste spreads thoroughly inside the holes.
6. Spread corn flour in a plate. Apply the flour thoroughly over the fish.
7. Put oil in a pan and once the oil is heated put the fish on the pan and heat it for 3-4 minutes.

8. Let the fish fry properly on both sides.
9. Remove the fish pieces from the pan and garnish it with the finely chopped onions and coriander leaves.

10. Serve it hot with mint sauce.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

IT Speak - Had a break?

*non-ITians excuse
If I say ‘IT is growing everyday’, nothing new in it. But if I ask ‘where do you stand in the growth?’ are you going to take a thought about it?

If you relax for sometime closing your eyes; by the time you open your eyes the ‘world’ would have gone far away from you. The only possible way you could reach the ‘world’ would be to double your speed. ‘The rabbit and tortoise’ concept is not going to work out here. And I bet if you are not physically and mentally prepared to double your speed; then you are a loser!

Taking a long break from work, especially during your ‘crucial growth period’ is like inviting trouble with a ‘welcome drink’. Certain ‘breaks’ are unavoidable. But again be prepared to double your speed. Don’t imagine yourself as a tortoise, as the rabbits here are not fools to give you way.

The ingredients to reach the ‘world’ (that is to double your speed are); a whole you, with no worries, physically fit, mentally prepared, a good aim at the target, and of course a smile on your face(the last one is my personal suggestion everywhere)! If you feel you have them all then take the plunge – the second time! Else wait!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shhh....No politics here!!!

I happened to visit a village near vellore where in few of the homes had no proper electricity, no proper food; water was contaminated, and more. But one thing which I could see in almost all the homes was a small television with "Tamil Nadu Arasal Vazhanga Pattadhu" written in blue. And every home had a cable connection with a few channels in which Kalaignar TV was compulsorily present.

A kind lady offered us tea as we came from far far away(from Chennai). As I was waiting for it, a small kid came home from school, threw his bag and grabbed the remote control. He tuned to 'Kalaignar Music' (am not sure about the name of the channel) and started dancing for Chimpoo's 'Kutti pisase' song. Heights!

I asked him when he will do his homework. He gave me a list of TV programs after which he said he will eat and sleep and will do homework the next day morning. This is 'India Tomorrow' (at least in villages) for us. But one appreciable aspect was every family had a 'TV' of their own and the ladies had some entertainment rather than gossipping with neighbours all time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Struggle more and u will get.......

.......IT back!
Flash news today says "Ahmedabad, has registered a whopping Rs 1.44 crore salary offer, which is the highest in all the IIMs in India".

Heard about increasing 'dowry' for Software engineers(earning less than 10 L/annum) in AP...

Saturday, March 08, 2008

How is it to be a mother of a girl child?

On the day of delivery,her prayers are to the maximum.As they say,its rebirth for a woman.But what actually is her prayer to god?Is it for a safe and non-problematic delivery or for a boy child?Well, people will definitely debate with me if I say that, as these days modern Mother-To-Be are 'OK' with any child, be it a boy or a girl.

Recently I had a chat with a woman who was a Mother-To-Be , she says her prayers are for a boy child.I was very curious in knowing the reason.She said, "I don't want my child to face the problems I faced in life".I replied back saying "Lady! come on, a child has to be either a girl or a guy.Why restrict one gender? It was Adam and Eve and destiny was, Eve had to face the consequences, no matter what." Am I right? I didn't want to disappoint her or to prove her prayers were wrong by talking more.But I felt bad thinking what if every woman thinks like this?