Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Recently i heard someone saying 'Nothing is as difficult as teaching a blind person, what colour is'.Very true! Imagine the situation of a person who has not seen anything in this world. He does not know how a girl looks like, not seen a tree, the beach, a computer, a road, a bus, a baby, a theatre. The only colour he knows is black. He does not know how a strawberry ice cream looks like, he only knows it is sweet when it hits his taste buds, he only knows its cold when he touches it, he only knows it is soft when it melts in his mouth.

He is one person who will stand near Mount Road signal(a busy place in Chennai) without any tensions, unlike others who would be heading back home waiting to cross the road. Make him stand in the rain, he will feel the water on him-as if someone is pouring ;but wont be able to see the downpour. Take him to a restaurant, he wont know what he is going to eat till he takes it to his mouth. Just imagine if we would afford to live like that for a day. This is their life everyday.

Has he ever seen a sunrise? For him the entire life is in the night. But he is one person who would walk alone without any fear in the dark, as he lives in it. The busy itineraries ,shopping malls, dating, beach walk, colourful flowers, the buses, lipstick shades, spicy cuisines nothing would have affected him. This reminds me of Rani Mukherjee in 'Black', when the little Michelle wants to know how love feels like.

Here is a song which would definitely create empathy waves in every heart.All Non-Tamil viewers please excuse. I have not found the translation of this song yet.

(A song from the movie Autograph)

Ovvoru pookalumey solkirathey
Vaazhvendraal poaraadum poarkalamey
Ovvoru vidiyalumey solkirathey
Iravaanaal paghal ondru vandhidumey
Nambikkai enbathu vaendum num vaazhvil
Latchiyam nichchayam vellum oru naalil
Maname oh maname nee maarividu
Malayoa athu paniyoa nee moadhi vidu

Ullam endrum eppoadhum
Udainthu poaghe koodaathu
Enne indhe vaazhkayendre
Ennam thoandre koodaathu
Endhe manithan nenjukkul
Kaayam illai sollungal
Kaalapoakil kaayamellaam
Marandhu poaghum maayangal

Uli thaangum karkal thaaney
Mun meethu silayaaghum
Vali thaangum ullam thaaney
Nilayaane sugham kaanum
Yaarukillai poaraatam
Kannil enne neeroatam
Oru kanavu kandaal
Athai thinamum endaal
Oru naalil nijamaaghum

Maname oh maname nee maarividu
Malayoa athu paniyoa nee moadhi vidu

Ovvoru pookalumey solkirathey
Vaazhvendraal poaraadum poarkalamey

Vaazhkai kavithai vaasippoam
Vaanamalavu yoasippoam
Muyarchi endrai ondrai mattum
Moochu poale swaasippoam
Latcham kanavu kannoadu
Latchiyangal nenjoadu
Unnai velle yaarumillai
Uruthiyoadu poaraadu
Manitha un manathai keeri vithai poadu maramaaghum
Avamaanam thaduthaal neeyum ellaame uravaaghum
Thoalviyindri varalaaraa?
Thukkam enne en thoazha?
Oru mudivirunthaal athil thelivirunthaal
Andhe vaanam vasamaaghum

Maname oh maname nee maarividu
Malayoa athu paniyoa nee moadhi vidu