Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My first love!

He took me in his arms,
And shed tears looking at my tender palms;
He enjoyed seeing me play,
For his well being, I pray;

I made meaning to his life, says he;
Will make him proud I guarantee;
Being my first teacher,
"You laid the foundation my dear;"

He taught me algebra,"
There began my success mantra;
I brought home fame ,
With tears of joy,about me he started to dream;

"You support me in everything I do,
For all this, with what can I repay you;
For having you in my life I am glad,
Can't be without you dad;"

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dressing matters!

Nothing wrong to dream of being like Rani Mukherjee, but not at office!

Long long ago,so long ago, when agriculture was the national occupation of India ; our men got into the fields half dressed.Then came the industries wherein the managers were particular about the outcome and not the way workers were dressed. A little later this was a little reformed with uniforms for all.

Today with IT being the talk of the nation, corporate dressing plays a vital role.In most of the IT majors, a systematic procedure is being followed.Formal wear for the first two days of the week, semi-formal wear for the next two days and casual wear on Fridays.

Is this implemented in a proper manner?Are the so called IT janta aware of what to wear and what not to?Wearing a lousy white shirt with a black pant without knowing how to tie the tie does not make it a formal wear. I have seen men wearing safe-colored jeans on a weekday.

And for ladies, keeping flowers on the head is a disturbing act for most men at office. Where few men get disturbed mentally imagining a duet song, few others are quiet uncomfortable with its aroma. In a closed air-conditioned office space the smell of flowers spreads easily around. And women should notice that heavy accessories and noise-making jewels should be considered a strict no-no in a corporate environment.

For Indian women not necessarily shirts and trousers,even properly-pressed cotton sarees would make a perfect formal clothing. Collared salwar kameez with the dupatta worn in a proper way would give the sense of satisfaction for the self as well as a respectable projection to others.

People fresh out of college in the age group 20-22 take sometime or at least few years to get out of the their college days and adapt themselves for a corporate environment. This automatically pays off for dressing as well.Men wearing wrist bands, tie not worn in the right way; and women choosing tight fitting tops on casual wear days, sleeveless or clothes which are exposing, are few examples.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Romance at various Eras!

**Ray and Ann have fallen in love recently**

Love conversations at different Eras

Adam-Eve era - Entities together!
: Ann, look at the stars above your head. How romantic they are?

Ann: Ray, would you get me one?

Ray (says to himself): Truly Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus!

Emperor's era – Entities apart, minds speak! Dove communication!
Ray: (Common man Ray admires Princess Ann from far off and says to himself) Wish I were Prince Charming. Look at the diamond jewelry on her neck. How do I convince her father?

Ann: (Looks at Ray from the balcony of her palace) Wish I were born to a cobbler.

Ray: (makes hand gestures to Ann) Have you read the love note which i sent through the dove?

Ann: (makes hand gestures back to Ray) Oh! did u actually send a love note along with the dove you sent? Sorry, we all had a rich dove meal yesterday. I thought that was your gift!

Mid 19Th century – Entities apart, letter communication!
Ray: (writes a letter)

Dear Ann,

I first saw you,

The whole world looked new;

You smiled at me,

Nothing else I can see;

You said 'Hi',

Oh my!

I proposed you,

While I possessed only very few;

You still accepted,

I felt the whole world I defeated;

May I ask your hand?

For, I shall make your life grand.

Ann: (As she reads the letter her cheeks turn pink. Imaginary duet song in the snowy Himalayas)

After 1980's – Entities apart, telephonic conversation-Voice communication!
Ray : Darling Ann, I am thinking about you. Wish you were here. (speaks to himself "For her to pay for the party next week this much is enough!")

Ann: Ray, my Romeo. Won’t you appear before me like a superman? Please come and take me from here soon!

After 1990's – Entities apart, Email-communication!
Ray (through email): Hi Ann, we shall fix our marriage once our baby turns 1. Is that fine with you?

Ann (replies): Fine with me. Don't forget to invite our first child's school friends too (With a happy smiley :-))

After 30Th century - Entities apart. Entities together???
Ray: Hi Ann, do you want to see me now?
Ann: I would love to. (speaks to herself "Wont this guy spare me at least for today?")
Ray :( appears virtually in front of her)

Sunday, July 22, 2007


A new Sunday mid-morning, home alone thinking what to do, to kill time.Movies aren't entertaining me these days as they used to.Thoughts were not flowing in the right order to pen down in my blog. Kept roaming here and there in my home like a lonely lioness. When I entered this part of the house i could smell some good aroma of fresh vegetables and fruits recently plucked. Nature poses a contrasting combination with blood red tomatoes, pitch green chillies, saffron carrots, earthy ginger, lighter than the lightest green cabbage. A thought struck from nowhere,and then came this recipe.

Egg chilly duo

3 Eggs
15 pepper seeds
3 chillies
1 onion
Salt to taste
5 Curry Leaves
2 tsp Oil


  • Cut the onion and chillies into smaller pieces

  • Heat the pan and put oil in it.

  • Once the oil is heated put the onions in it and let it turn golden brown.

  • Add the chillies and curry leaves and wait till it absorbs its flavours

  • Crush the pepper seeds(do not use a mixer) and add it.

  • After about 3 minutes add the eggs to the mixture and let it get cooked.

  • Add salt as required, mix the contents thoroughly and leave it for another 2 minutes.

  • Spicy egg-chilly duo is ready to taste

Note: Addition of tom-chi sauce would make it even the more tastier.

I just tasted it and believe me egg-pepper-chilly together make an awesome spicy combination

Thursday, July 19, 2007

This day this word!

Time for some philosophy...

I heard this saying today: "Contrast lies very closer**"

When 'X' is cutting onions, tears rolls down from her eyes. Looking at her 'Y' , has a loud laugh. Here lies the contrast. Cutting onions causes both laughter(action of happiness) as well as tears(action of sorrow).

One person's loss is another person's gain.

'A' is in love with a guy and wants to marry him.Her parents refuse the proposal and want their daughter to get married to a guy of their choice.Finally,she chooses to marry the guy of her choice.'A' is happy now, her parents are disappointed.Comfort and discomfort happens together and are closer to each other.

** courtesy: Pasupathinathan(PPN)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I enjoyed this- Sneeze it out!

Courtesy: http://ramforever.blogspot.com/ (Share Auto Predicament)

Situation in a share auto ( In Chennai, a share auto is a kind of car with the seats re-arranged and packed with at least 15 people wherein actually only 6-7 can sit comfortably) :

//This is when nature began to play its part and I had this urge to sneeze. If I sneezed then my body will surely move and will end up touching one of the women.// (you will understand it better when you read his narration-RAM in my bloggers list)

Explained in a funny way though, i feel there is no need to control your sneeze. Be it a boy or girl, or your project manager, or your father-in-law; sneeze it out when you actually feel like!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The one.....

the one about whom you keep dreaming about;
the one whose voice when not heard would make your day incomplete;
the one who fights with you for no reason;
the one who scolds you for your silly mistakes;
the one who makes you feel like a baby;
the one who whose phone calls are a pleasant disturbance;
the one who encourages you and brings out your talents to limelight;
the one who gifts you that favorite chocolate of yours, every time u meet;
the one who gets caught by you for making silly mistakes;
the one who does not know to hide secrets from you;
the one who has changed completely only because you wanted to;

Monday, July 09, 2007

Effective Morning walk!

Are your morning walks boring?You must have tried carrying your i-pod for keeping you entertained.And i can sense that you are still bugged up with this exercise.Right? Also do you feel your tummy baby is not willing to reduce?Are you feeling embarrassed in a jean shop?Has it been a long time since you have lost yourself dancing in a DJ night?Do you want to shake your hips like Shakira?Here is a technique which will make this exercise effective than never before.This small piece of information can be taken as a joke, or could be implemented. I bet; you will be amazed by the results.

Here it goes......

While going for a morning walk take a dog with you.Where, you don't need to pull him, he will drag you along with him. And you need to run behind him like a 'what'?(Of course like a dog).I bet, this exercise will be very effective for people who think to reduce weight in a matter of few days.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


"The Nimitz reached Chennai, India on July 2nd 2007 as part of efforts to expand bilateral defense cooperation between India and United States. Sailors of the nuclear powered aircraft carrier participated in community work in Chennai during its station here.Nimitz left Indian shores on July 5,2007 along with the USS Pinckney and is headed towards Gulf."

They came, they helped, they conquered!The US sailors visited the Tsunami affected areas and helped the direct and indirect victims here.Renovating Tsunami affected homes,interacting with the kids,rendering financial help,cleaning the areas and more. Most of us would not have known that there existed such a place near Kanathur(ECR) with the affected people.

When people from some other country generously come to help the victims, shouldn't we think that we have failed to do our duties. Or will it be OK if we think they have brought a forgotten issue to the limelight.

But last week one of my colleagues had a contradictory notion that this has something to do with our prestige.

Simply SMS!

KBC Returns Play 'Har Seat Hot Seat' & win Rs 2 Lac Entry to KBC...And the SMS question asked here is
1. An ENT treats which part of the body
A . Eye B. Ear C.Skin D . Hair

Airtel SMS charges are at Rs 3/- per SMS. Say, all over India, a minimum of 3 Crore people participate in the SMS contest. That gives a total of:3 x 3 = 9 crores. Wherein, the total amount given for the winner itself is 2 crores. Remaining 7 crores goes to the 'producer fund'.Well this was one of the renowned shows all over India when it started. Later on 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi', 'Kahani Ghar Ghar ki' were the hot topics questions were taken from.

Now coming back to SMS contests. These days SMS contests are a major factor of advertisement and profit making aspect of the media world.Recently i was listening to a local radio channel wherein a question was thrown to public for an SMS contest in between two songs. Here it goes...
1.Who is the hero of the movie 'RAM' Option A: Jeeva Option B:VaVa.
I went speechless after listening to that. And the anchor announced that the winner of the contest will get 2 movie tickets for a movie, which was a real worthless one. Say, again a ten thousand people SMS for this question, wherein a SMS costs
Rs 3/-( 10k x 3 = 30k). A movie ticket costs a maximum of Rs.200(2 x 200=400 Rs). Remaining money goes to 'producer fund'. These are certain tricks and tactics. One must think before replying such useless questions.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Did you check your bill?

During my frock days, mom used to give me a list of items written in a small paper (1/4 kg tomatoes ,1/2 kg onions, 1 packet Tata salt etc.) to buy from a nearby annachi kadai(it is also common to refer people, who are in to retail business of rice, departmental stores, medical stores as "Annachi" in Tamil Nadu,South India). But now the scenario is totally different.

The ground-floor of many apartments in Chennai are turned into supermarkets. 'Spencers Daily', 'Vitan', 'Trinethra', 'Nilgiris', 'Lifestyle' and many more are the most preferred ones here. Pick your choice is my definition of a supermarket or departmental store.My question is, are we careful enough in noticing how much we pay?How many of us cross-check our bills? After all every penny matters.Usage of plastic money creates a 'don't bother' nature for everyone of us. Wherever we purchase its our right to claim for what we buy and how much we spend. Already we are into a critisism that the younger generation spends more than saving.

People are bond to make mistakes. We might make a mistake paying more money, the shopkeeper might make a mistake claiming extra charge, or there are possibilities of intentional theft without our knowledge. Its our duty to cross-verify if things are right, especially in places like supermarkets.

Two such incidents happened with me this month. One in an electronic showroom wherein the total cost of an item was 4000 rupees in which i paid 2500 rupees through my card and decided to pay the rest as cash. The shopkeeper forgot to get the remaining 1500 from me while he packed my item; i gave him the money and advised him to be alert.Another one in a supermarket where i ended up paying 580 rupees wherein I had actually purchased for 480 rupees ; which i realised after i reached home.

  • Expiry date of the item.
  • Condition of the item and its package.
  • Quantity of items printed in the bill.
  • Take time in reading the bill if you are paying for the correct items you purchased.
  • When paying through cards,cross check the amount printed in the sales slip. Make sure you carry your customer copy.
  • Avoid using mobile phone when you are paying your bills coz little-careless mistakes may lead to future concerns.
  • I would suggest instead of humming a song while the bill is getting printed, we could straight away look into the monitors whether the salesperson is in the right track.That would minimise mistakes on either side.
  • Last but never the least make sure you have a little space in your purse for you bill. Preserve it at least for a day or two for any exchange.