Thursday, August 16, 2007

Impact! Come and get confused!!!

I never had a slightest thought that it would be like this. But it actually is not that horrible. Still the intensity could have been a little lesser; for the impact it made had pschycological disturbances. When our mindset is pre-framed, sudden changes are not accepted into the framework and this drastically disturbs the physical and mental aspects.

Entities around tend to interfere deep into our emotions as they are bonded with us through the generic aspect called relationship. When the intensity of interference is more and most importantly worse we let lose our firmness towards rightness. It is when we feel our mind starts wandering without knowing which the right path is. These kinds of pschycological disturbances not only affect the current mindset but also the goodness we had planned for the near and far future.

We still can’t blame on the other entities as such, when we as a primary entity need to analyze if the effect could have been reduced when we had reacted to it differently; as that would help us the next time when we face it.

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Nagarajan said...

definitely a thoughtful title :)