Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My first love!

He took me in his arms,
And shed tears looking at my tender palms;
He enjoyed seeing me play,
For his well being, I pray;

I made meaning to his life, says he;
Will make him proud I guarantee;
Being my first teacher,
"You laid the foundation my dear;"

He taught me algebra,"
There began my success mantra;
I brought home fame ,
With tears of joy,about me he started to dream;

"You support me in everything I do,
For all this, with what can I repay you;
For having you in my life I am glad,
Can't be without you dad;"

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Anuradha said...

Posting comments from my friends who could not get here....

On behalf of Jayaraman Thatchanamurthy
Nice one Anu

On behalf of Sundraarama R
Gr8 one !

On behalf of Anuradha Vijayaraghavan
A simple and really a heart touching one.. .
Periya all Anuuuuuuuuuuuuu neeeenga JJJ

On behalf of Arunkumar S01
Good one!
Reminds me some of my writings.

On behalf of Mathangi Kilapandal Rajagopalan
Really nice one!!

On behalf of Lekha Vijayan
Simple, but well put Anu