Sunday, June 24, 2007

Simple techniques to grow fatter....

  • Maintain your treadmill well by cleaning it every weak such that it doesn't become rusted.(for the betterment of a buyer when u put a sale)
  • Eat at least one ice cream per week - especially ones like Cornetto, feast(preferably chocolate).
  • Always take an auto to the boarding point of your office bus; even if it is a few footsteps away
  • Use only lifts and escalators and not staircase in your office even if you work in the first floor.
  • Eat a lot of potatoes especially fried ones. The same applies with fish too if you are a non vegetarian.
  • Never do any household work and enjoy getting scoldings from your mom for not helping her out.
  • Buy a good quality DVD player which will make you sit in one place for hours.
  • Drink a glass of milk in the morning before breakfast, make sure you have at least 2 coffee breaks which will make you drink 2 more cups of milk.
  • Add-ons are Bar chocolates, fried packet items especially when you travel for hours in bus.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Hey! Everyone speaks, let me too take this opportunity to talk about our Super-Man!

'Sivaji' is an awesome treat to all Rajni fans, and to every common man. 'Thalaiva' ,there is no need for you to strain yourself as you have done in the movie. We just need you on the screen. That itself will make the movie run for years. Rajnikanth has put in a wondrous and magnanimous performance. Ultimate laughter, entertainer, romance, action, family oriented cinema given by Rajnikanth and the director.

His make-up is the talk of the nation. Will anyone else get his ravishingly attractive charm. And that's why he is called the solitary Super Star of Indian Cinema. His 12 different hairstyles are a treat to our eyes. Kudos to the hair-stylist and the make-up men! The umpteen number of dashing clothes which he wears in the movie makes everyone in the theatre feel 'If I were Rajni.....'.And the hype created for this movie was immensely intensifying. Even a poor man on the road wants to watch the movie due to the stimulation created. When I went for a show I saw a man in a wheel chair brought by his relatives-die hard fans of Rajnikanth, and I am one among them!

About the movie; well everyone says its the same old 'Rajni-formula'. As far as he appears on the screen the crowd is ready to watch. Rajni delivers ultimate comedy pairing with 'Chinna Kalaivanar' Vivek. And equally good romantic scenes where in Shriya becomes a treat to men's eyes. Beware ladies! Speaking about Shriya, her 'presentation' is absolutely stunning. Someone actually told me 'When Shankar(Director) was able to give a magnifying popularity for a saaaaaadha Sadha, why not Shriya?' Highly traditional look as 'Tamizhchelvi' throughout the movie except for the songs wherein she gets transformed to a sexy damsel. The umpteen number of colourful, dazzling costumes she wears the songs makes every young woman feel 'If I were Shriya.....' Though the Kerala product Nayantara appears just for a song she competes equally with Shriya in her 'presentation'.

'Is he Suman? Man, his smile is awesome with that little dirty coloured tooth.His RayBan glasses,fair complexion mixed with 'naan pottu vachu pongal saapidravan ila da.....' kind of dialogues depicts a seemly decorous decent looking villain. As far as the storyline is considered an elevation to a multi-millionaire from an initial capital of one rupee is wonderfully handled. The tricks and tactics handled by the software professional(Rajni) are simply superb which makes every common man think whether he has to make use of his brains at least once. The 'Black Money' handling is again an untold story, and Rajni blends himself within the story and gives a mixture of style and professionalism.

As far as the music is considered-
Oru Koodai Sunlight
: An unusual Rajni song,
Balle Lakka: Kudos to SPB for that breathless attempt, a feather in his cap.
Vaaji Vaaji:Amazing background effects blended with the Art Direction.
Athiradi Kaaran
: Rehman Proves.
A special mention about the instrumental fight scene where one has to notice the re-recording of the music director.

On the whole 'Naan late a vandhaalum latesta varuven' is THE APT dialogue for our one and only superstar Mr.Rajnikanth! Hope he does not make us all wait for his next release.