Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Where is the new hair stylist?

Here she is...sitting and blogging! feels good to say that. I have never experimented before, cutting hair, not even my own. This reminds me of the weirdest thing that happened with my hair, years back when a roll comb got stuck to my wet hair, while I tried to make some curls in my hair. And I have blogged about it, describing my experience how I(or rather my hair stylist) struggled removing it.

And yesterday my husband came to me and said, "I am too lazy to go to the saloon, why don't you trim my hair?" An opportunity of the lifetime! Well, I was not an expert in hair cuts, not even a beginner. But this was one of my dreams, to shape some one's hair. I knew no one would give me their head, to do it. But here it was, dream came true!!!

Well, to begin with, I started studying his hair and it took me around 4-5 minutes. Then I decided where to start and how to go about it. The good thing about his hair was, it was an ocean. The density helped me a lot, to start with. I carefully trimmed the back curls first. As a stylist, I would prefer getting feedback then and there, and that helps me correct myself. So I gave him a hand-mirror to keep looking at him on the larger mirror. Believe me, he had a thousand specifications. I simply followed his words. I must say, he was a bit cautious about his front part of the hair. He didn't let me do much of it. But that's OK, there is always the next time.

And wow, here he was; with his hair done! And after that..... was 'hair' everywhere, and we ended up cleaning our toilet floor till night!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The reference page

Having read a number of books from childhood (I meant academic textbooks and not novels, which always stay far far away from me), never thought about whats behind writing a reference page. 'Reference page' was one thing I was never bothered to even look at. To be honest, the frequency of getting rid of a reference page would be faster than the other boring pages of a book.

Whats with a reference page? Here are the truths about it. Plagiarism is a very popular term related to writings. An author has to be creative enough in not imitating other person's work. For this, one has to mention the sources from where the information is taken from. And this is precisely gathered in a reference page. A reference page will look like this:


1. Vasan, A. (2010, Apr 16). The City of Atlanta. Retrieved from

Notice the number of full stops and commas and their placements in between terms. If one goes wrong, the format is wrong. And did you know that there are different formats for book references, article references, journal references and much more. I have mentioned reference of an article in a website. I am still confused with italics and dates. Imagine the case of researchers who involve even hundreds of references in their thesis and research papers. Only 'format' specialists can spot the mistakes in these reference papers, like how my grammar instructor used to spot grammatical errors in my technical papers in school.

And what is the essence of blogging about references pages. What has it got to do with me and blogs. Oh yes, it has to do a lot here. As writers, we tend to write a lot about 'stuff'. While some are creative, some other are references. And I support quoting or reminding other people's thoughts such that great ideas reach a wider audience through people who spread them. As I already mentioned before, if the writer supports non-plagiarism, then a reference page in the bottom of the article is always better. To write a reference page it is important to follow the rules.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spaghetti's here in 20 mins

I ran out of fresh vegetables. Its almost lunch time. Well, I had this wheat pasta spaghetti noodles with me. And here it is, another version of pasta.

Olive oil - Just a table spoon
Wheat Spaghetti pasta - Well, depends on how much you want
Red peppers - maybe, a little less than half
Peas (I used frozen here. You can go with fresh peas)
Onion - just half
And that's it......

Boil pasta for about 15 minutes. Its the usual process from here. Saute onions in olive oil. Add the rest of the ingredients and saute. And now add the pasta. Wow, here it is. The yummy wheat pasta with available ingredients.