Saturday, July 07, 2007

Simply SMS!

KBC Returns Play 'Har Seat Hot Seat' & win Rs 2 Lac Entry to KBC...And the SMS question asked here is
1. An ENT treats which part of the body
A . Eye B. Ear C.Skin D . Hair

Airtel SMS charges are at Rs 3/- per SMS. Say, all over India, a minimum of 3 Crore people participate in the SMS contest. That gives a total of:3 x 3 = 9 crores. Wherein, the total amount given for the winner itself is 2 crores. Remaining 7 crores goes to the 'producer fund'.Well this was one of the renowned shows all over India when it started. Later on 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi', 'Kahani Ghar Ghar ki' were the hot topics questions were taken from.

Now coming back to SMS contests. These days SMS contests are a major factor of advertisement and profit making aspect of the media world.Recently i was listening to a local radio channel wherein a question was thrown to public for an SMS contest in between two songs. Here it goes...
1.Who is the hero of the movie 'RAM' Option A: Jeeva Option B:VaVa.
I went speechless after listening to that. And the anchor announced that the winner of the contest will get 2 movie tickets for a movie, which was a real worthless one. Say, again a ten thousand people SMS for this question, wherein a SMS costs
Rs 3/-( 10k x 3 = 30k). A movie ticket costs a maximum of Rs.200(2 x 200=400 Rs). Remaining money goes to 'producer fund'. These are certain tricks and tactics. One must think before replying such useless questions.


payyan said...


After all, its money that makeds the world go round. Agreed that SMS contests take things a bit too far. Imagine the good Rs. 3 per capita, donated voluntarily could achieve for a country like ours.

But that is another topi for discussion altogether.


Anuradha said...


what good it that gonna make? maybe good for the show producer; right?

and when i listen to the local radio channels i find that people who call up and talk mostly are the ones at a tailor shop,grocery shop, vegetable vendor,auto driver etc. and how much do u think they will earn. People get attracted by the contest prizes....