Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dressing matters!

Nothing wrong to dream of being like Rani Mukherjee, but not at office!

Long long ago,so long ago, when agriculture was the national occupation of India ; our men got into the fields half dressed.Then came the industries wherein the managers were particular about the outcome and not the way workers were dressed. A little later this was a little reformed with uniforms for all.

Today with IT being the talk of the nation, corporate dressing plays a vital role.In most of the IT majors, a systematic procedure is being followed.Formal wear for the first two days of the week, semi-formal wear for the next two days and casual wear on Fridays.

Is this implemented in a proper manner?Are the so called IT janta aware of what to wear and what not to?Wearing a lousy white shirt with a black pant without knowing how to tie the tie does not make it a formal wear. I have seen men wearing safe-colored jeans on a weekday.

And for ladies, keeping flowers on the head is a disturbing act for most men at office. Where few men get disturbed mentally imagining a duet song, few others are quiet uncomfortable with its aroma. In a closed air-conditioned office space the smell of flowers spreads easily around. And women should notice that heavy accessories and noise-making jewels should be considered a strict no-no in a corporate environment.

For Indian women not necessarily shirts and trousers,even properly-pressed cotton sarees would make a perfect formal clothing. Collared salwar kameez with the dupatta worn in a proper way would give the sense of satisfaction for the self as well as a respectable projection to others.

People fresh out of college in the age group 20-22 take sometime or at least few years to get out of the their college days and adapt themselves for a corporate environment. This automatically pays off for dressing as well.Men wearing wrist bands, tie not worn in the right way; and women choosing tight fitting tops on casual wear days, sleeveless or clothes which are exposing, are few examples.


payyan said...

Well-written. I hope your target audience(!!!) reads and follows the advice. Bangalore fares no better with ghastly clothing appearing in the most inapprpriate places and times. The whole idea of corporate dressing seems to have gone for a toss today.

Anuradha said...

Thanx Rajesh,

And yeah as u said, the whole idea and purpose of corporate dressing has gone for a toss.
I hope,in many companies they insist their employees to attend certain workshops exclusively dedicated to corporate etiquette.Even then the situation continues...

payyan said...

Even good advertising doesnt seem to make a change. Remember the Raymonds 'The Complete Man' campaign of the 90's? It sure made a difference to corporate dressing in India at the time. Agreed that these are casula times, yet taste should be always on the fore.

Anuradha said...

yeah...along with ad's we cant forget the way movie helps.
SRK in Swades does awesome dressing. Man! i just love the way he carries himself in the movie,