Sunday, July 22, 2007


A new Sunday mid-morning, home alone thinking what to do, to kill time.Movies aren't entertaining me these days as they used to.Thoughts were not flowing in the right order to pen down in my blog. Kept roaming here and there in my home like a lonely lioness. When I entered this part of the house i could smell some good aroma of fresh vegetables and fruits recently plucked. Nature poses a contrasting combination with blood red tomatoes, pitch green chillies, saffron carrots, earthy ginger, lighter than the lightest green cabbage. A thought struck from nowhere,and then came this recipe.

Egg chilly duo

3 Eggs
15 pepper seeds
3 chillies
1 onion
Salt to taste
5 Curry Leaves
2 tsp Oil


  • Cut the onion and chillies into smaller pieces

  • Heat the pan and put oil in it.

  • Once the oil is heated put the onions in it and let it turn golden brown.

  • Add the chillies and curry leaves and wait till it absorbs its flavours

  • Crush the pepper seeds(do not use a mixer) and add it.

  • After about 3 minutes add the eggs to the mixture and let it get cooked.

  • Add salt as required, mix the contents thoroughly and leave it for another 2 minutes.

  • Spicy egg-chilly duo is ready to taste

Note: Addition of tom-chi sauce would make it even the more tastier.

I just tasted it and believe me egg-pepper-chilly together make an awesome spicy combination


payyan said...

Lonely lioness!!!! Hey, I too do that by myself. Roaming around and browsing through by slowly but steadily growing library of books and magazines.


Anuradha said...

but tell me pal, how was the dish? did u try that anyways? a bachelor cooking!

payyan said...


Down with a wisdom (???) tooth that has plans to kill me. Will pass on the recipe to my flatmate who is supposed to be a good cook.

The ingredients sound yummy! Wonder if its another Tarla Dalal in the making!!!!

Anuradha said...

Don worry, your wisdom tooth would not get hurt, no hard substance in the recipe....

Just visited Tarla Dalal's page.I am new to kitchen... :-)

payyan said...

Its still hurting. New to kitchen? Your recipe sounds so professional.
Here's wishing more power to your culinary efforts!!!

Anuradha said...

Wow, thats a really great compliment for a beginner. Wait and watch for more varieties coming up soon.... :-)

My next base is 'Oats'. planning to discover better ideas for Oats consumption;other than the normal Oat-milk mixture!!!

payyan said...

Mind you!

Oats is a great fav among horses!

Anuradha said...

Really? Man! no wonder horses are better than men!!! ;-)

payyan said...

That, pal was a bit hitting below the belt! Poor men, what all we need to endure!!!!

payyan said...

Hey Anu,

Thanks for the PDF. It was stuck in the spam folder.

Anuradha said...

hey pal, no offences meant (about men and horses). Well, i don't have any grudge against men.
But still i love horses ;-) dono y they look so majestic(well built) when compared to other animals ;-)

And finally u got the PDF. happy 'Kural-reading'!