Saturday, September 29, 2007


Chennai feels jealous thinking,'If I were Mumbai.....' for that lucky bus to go around.Dhoni and men have proved at last that India is 'capable', after all those previous 'beaten-ups'. 'Time' never gave me time to write about our master-blasters for their marvelous show this week. Finally caught hold of this page and not going to leave it till I convey my thoughts about the victory.

That last over was full of tension at my home apart from the lakh homes in India. My dad kept his fingers crossed though he was confident about India's win. Me like a spoil-sport, kept discouraging him by saying 'anything might happen in the last minute'- I was not wrong though! Misbah-ul-Haq(did i spell that right?) almost taught a new style of batting for that last ball, i got reminded by 'Lagaan-village players'. If Sreesanth had not caught that ball, if Misbah had sent the next ball to boundary; the cup would have travelled to Islamabad. Pakistani transport would have had to arrange a bus for the players to go around the city to celebrate their victory, Pakistani politicians would have been in top news to push the players to the back rows in their felicitation ceremony, Pakistani hockey players would have gone on hunger strike as they were not given enough attention. Fortunately or unfortunately that did not happen.

Future India would never forget that 'We' won the World Cup in the first 20-20 series. Dhoni has made history for future India, as Kapil had made for us. After gifting his shirt to one of his fans, somehow he decided to wear that sleeveless alternative for the prize distribution ceremony. Prize money keep flooding into the players pockets as wee see the Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra governments praise 'their' respective players. And can't forget that huge flower garland around rich Dhoni's neck during the felicitation ceremony which I ideally felt should have been around the 11 of them. This reminds me of the stone-attack at poor Dhoni's house sometime back when he didn't perform that well.This is India for us!

Yuvraj Singh's young girls fan club seems to be on the raise after his '6-out-of-6' treat. Oops, did we forget our dada's of cricket - Sachin, Rahul and Sourav? Or did they forget to greet the 11 of them in public as King-Khan did? India won the world cup, and I didn't come across any pictures of these big-shots with the 'Cup' or with the players.This reminded me of 'head-weight-Patashala-Gurus' heard from ancient epics who never appreciate the 'good work' of the youth.
Critics apart, India won! Chak Diya India!
*Pics Courtesy- ICC World Twenty20

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