Thursday, September 06, 2007

India Vs Australia!

*Disclaimer : To understand my review better, watch the movie! A must-watch,big time patriotic,sports-based entertainer after Lagaan!

With a penalty shootout for Kabir Khan, it all begins in a hockey field for a final match against Pakistan in the Men's Hockey Tournament. As Kabir fails to attain the goal India loses the match.Mr.Khan is blamed for match-fixing against Pakistan-the media covers him shaking hands to the opponents; while he was actually trying to prove his sportsmanship by wishing the winners. After a span of 7 years with a burden in his heart he re-enters the field again, not to hold the stick but to train 'them' play with it. Kabir Khan, the new coach for 'Indian Women's Hockey Team' starts his journey saying 'Chak De India'.

SRK as Kabir stars against 16 heroines in the movie, probably making a record in Indian cinema. But this time not for a duet in France or Italy but for a game! Being brought up in a traditionally-bound country like India even P T Usha, Shiney Wilson or for that matter even our very own Miss.Mirza would have come across enormous physical and mental disturbances throughout their sports career. Study till twenties, get married, give birth to a kid in the early twenties, spend the rest of your life bringing up the child and serving your in-laws is probably a thought which is a little deviated these days. Keeping this in mind, the director has shown the 'dream' of the 16 girls who constitute the 'Women hockey team'; and also that of a black-marked coach.

Coming back to the movie; the team is not given any sponsorship in the beginning and the committee feels its not a good idea to send the 16 of them to the field as they were framed to make 'Roti' and 'Sabji' sitting at home. The committee changes its mind seeing the 'Men's hockey team' saluting the 16 ladies for a brilliant performance against them. For this much fame, Kabir had to take up a lot of blame from the girls during the practice sessions. A strict coach- Well, that's how a coach is supposed to be. Preethi whose boyfriend does not think that a woman too has her own career which is to be respected,Bindhya who feels her seniority could make her always on the top, Komal who hates Preethi and her fame, Kaur-aggressive enough always, Vidya who is tied in between her dreams in hockey and her family ;constitute the team along with the other girls.

During the practice sessions the girls face a lot of physical and mental tortures, 'you or me' fights between them, seniority and jealousy due to it, regional and lingual disturbances ; as the 16 of them have come from various corners of India, including Jarkhand! Apart from the game they learn many lessons in life. They finally arrive to Australia for the Hockey tournament. SRK's yet another stunning performance - a hockey coach tied between the black-mark against his name, girls hatred against him, passion towards the game.

What I liked: The whole movie as such, Komal's pass of the ball to Preethi-a true turning point during the final match. Preethi's sacrifice of the penalty shootout to Komal again during the climax. Preethi's dialogue against her boyfriend about his comments on women's career. SRK's penalty shootout miss (first scene- actually we have watched Indian cinema where the hero never loses). The coach's(SRK) strict behaviour. Absolutely no duets. Bringing Jharkhand to limelight. Unexpected parade of the girls in our traditional Saree. And last but never the least- the girls!!!

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