Thursday, October 04, 2007

Look at that!!!

My first look at this female on a movie poster gave me serious thoughts that 'Are they planning to make a Devdas remake in Tamil where she will play Vikram's pair?'. That's because she looks so gorgeous ,very much equivalent to Madhuri Dixit in 'Dola re(Devdas)'.

I never had a slightest thought this was 'Kenny-anna' (that's how a friend of mine calls Chiyan Vikram who is her family friend).

Observe the picture. What I feel is the main motto of the whole 'Kandasamy' team about this particular role of Vikram would be that any guy who looks at this picture should fall for 'her'. Every single aspect from the accessories to the nose-ring looks so perfect. The only flaw i feel about the make-up is Vikram's eyes-which resembles more of a drunkard's, the lens somehow manages to cover up the flaw.

I don't think feminine make-up would have suited any other actor as this one!


praveen said...


Not all those who wears Saree can become or look like women. 'Women' is more than that...

Even some women doesn't look womanish, even they wore saree(!).

Even today Avvai-Shanmugi picture is famous model among the saree small scale advertisements and posters, forgetting the fact that, one who wears is a male. Who knows in future they may keep avvai-shanmugi picture may be kept to identify ladies rest rooms too..

but not going to be this onee..

Akanathan said...

I agree with Anu. I have not seen anyhting like this before. I guess it is not with the make up done by Mike Westmore kind of guys who was brought to Kollywood by Kamal. It looks so real than the one done by Avvai Shanmugee.

Anuradha said...

//Not all those who wears Saree can become or look like women. 'Women' is more than that...//

Praveen I completely agree with what you say.'Acting' like a woman is different from 'being' a woman.

But, my perception is who can BEST resemble or transform or act or live-like or experience or copy or perform like a woman.

We have seen in cinema,
Kamal-Avvai Shanmugi
Prasanth- some movie
Sarath- Some movie
Govinda- Aunty no.1
Nagesh-Adhe Kangal
Sathya Raj- Maaman magal(not sure abt the movie name)

Of all these people I feel the make-up suits Vikram in Kandasamy. Of course, we can talk abt his acting only after the movie is released.Make-up is all what I am taking about.


Thanks for that.Yeah, the make-up has won that of Kamal's

Anonymous said...

///very much equivalent to Madhuri Dixit in 'Dola re(Devdas)'.///

I hope u are not joking. He looks like a trans!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anu.when i saw the photo i found out it ws Vikram the first time itself.this lady makeup wont suit him because of his have to put extra layers beneath his lower chin.else he looks like a transgender person.


Anuradha said...

Transgender? This reminds me of a recent news about an actress. Might be a rumour too, but read in one of the magazines that actress Padmapriya was asked to prove if she was originaly a female.

Regarding Chiyaan,I guess we need to wait for the movie to release and watch his acting too.....