Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ahem Ahem! Our men are great!

Related to my previous post (September 19Th 20-20 - Dhoni and Men!)

//This time the Kiwis showed their stamina levels as the ball was raising heights. The same attempts for Indians went in vain as they could only raise it to certain extent and gift it to the Kiwis.//

Yesterday's match with the Englishmen has brought in a small correction in my perception towards our men-in-blue. We can't keep complaining them. Yuvi's six sixes in one go clearly proves our men are unpredictable. Party time for Yuvraj! Yet another record! Kudos, Yuvi!
I was actually thinking about the sixth six, what was running in his mind after he hit the fifth ball beyond the boundary line.


Jam said...

Hope unpredictable Indian performance moves to consistency. I would assume indian cricket is turning into a new leaf.

Speaking of change .. when was the last time a girl blogged about cricket and a guy and girl talked about it?!!!. Hmmmm...Changes welcome!

Anuradha said...

I have seen girls carrying thier favorite cricketer's foto in handbags....