Saturday, September 01, 2007

'Mom, I'm in love with Saif!'

"It is rumoured Shahid wanted to spend quality time with his girlfriend Kareena." was news on July 31st. In a span of thirty days the media people had to go mad in editing the news and re-delivering info about Miss. Kareena 'Mom, I'm in love with Saif!'

Aaj kal yea bahuth hota hai! Shahid very much expected with a 'devdas' beard in future!


payyan said...

Devdas in all his filmi avatars never did have a beard, be it Dilip Kumar, SRK, Nageswara Rao or KL Saigal, to the best of my knowledge.

I have no idea why people associate the legendary Sarat chandra character with hirsutism.
Sounds so barbaric.

A stubble perhaps is more in keeping with the tragic image, but a full-blown beard, definitely nah!

Anuradha said...

Cool it dude!

No one knows how the real Devdas looked like. Relating him with a wine glass and a beard merely to indicate or rather to warn men not to run behind 'certain' women and get cheated.(I feel)

payyan said...

And therein lies yet another story!!!!!

I dont think a wine glass and beard are not deterrants enough for men to go after 'certain' women.