Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A reason to celebrate?

India is awaiting a reason to celebrate. Well its not Diwali time. Nor did India win a match against Australia. Its Ash-Abhi's wedding ceremony.

This again is their private occasion and why do the public and media blow up the same? Right from their wedding invitation till the marriage hall decorations everything has become a news. Most of all they are cine-actors and not gods. People should be intelligent enough in differentiating the same and not make an idol out of them.


Anonymous said...

Ok Anu you requested my valuable it goes..

Atho paaru aaya
Nikkara da saaya
Aattu kaalu paaya
Kudichuttaen da chaaya..

ann said...

and for people who dont know who that 'anonymous'is - its Ranga,Uzhavar Sandhai return......