Saturday, April 07, 2007

On the Ramp...

Recent news about the banning of FTV has created tremors in many young hearts.No more secret TV hours, no more night-out TV watching, no more fluctuating curiosity levels. Mr.X comes home from his college,throws his bag to a cornered area and curiously enters his room and locks it to watch semi-nude models.Another Mr.Y disturbs his wife's sleep by watching late night fashioning with the speakers on. Somewhere else a group of young girls gather at a home and watch new age models displaying(their talents)! Mr. Z ,60 years old forgets his age looking at the ramp on the monitor.Now that the government has banned the channel what else will replace it.

If people think ,by banning such channels will create a 'cleaner' mindset among the crowd; they are wrong! These days televisions are not the only mode of such entertainment. Banning such channels will increase the curiosity of the young minds and they will search some other mode. We have our very own search engines, wherein a click of a button will display the whole history of whatever we need.Now will the government put a ban on the Internet sites too? If that is the case then what are books and magazines for? So will the vicious cycle continue?If corrupting young mind is what the government is concerned about then first thing which is to be banned are cinemas.

The amount of violence shown in movies are a sure stopper of a youth's well-being.The provoking scenes again create a lot more curiosity for the young minds which in turn make them surf the net for more information.Instead of arousing their curiosity, sex education should be imparted to them at the right age.None other than mother could better explain about the topic. Discussing the same at schools will again not be a better idea especially at a young age when pupil of same age are together. Mother should take the sole responsibility of imparting sex education at the right age such that the child will not grow with a curiosity of what sex is all about.

Children should be taught that sex at a younger age will spoil their entire life ; as when they reach a level they will be bored of it. They should be taught in a right manner which will make them feel that sex has got nothing to do with them at this age.The more information they give the more will their interest deteriorate on sex at that young age.Children must understand that young age is meant to build a stronger foundation to use their creative minds in a right manner.If this happens there will be no need for them to watch adults only programs in televisions. And this in turn will create a 'neat' mindset for the young minds. Which in turn makes FTV available for adults-only.

On the contrary, when looking at the models and their 'display' another big time question is that 'Are they used in an improper manner?'. Well,fashioning is an art and fashion-shows are conducted mainly to display the talents of the designers rather that exposure of the models.There are many blooming designers who have immense talents.One should look in that perspective rather than blaming the art. Even the sponsors should take utmost care in not misusing the models.If this happens there will not be any such banning.

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