Friday, April 06, 2007

Hungry Kya???

The big problem with "fast" food is that it slows down when it hits your stomach. And it just parks there--and lets the fat have time to get off and apply for citizenship.There has been immense improvement in food industry,especially in the urban areas. Due to the wide increase in technology and related areas ,the population has been overflowing in the cities.And ultimately if you look at what everyone is working for is - Food. Food has taken various dimensions in reaching people; right from 'Multi-cuisine' restaurants, Fast-Foods to Banana-leaf meals(one traditional method of serving food in South-India).Do they all supply quality food with hygiene is another question.

At times people don't have time to dine in to a restaurant and have their meal. To help them all even roadside mobile 'food-vehicles' are serving at their best. And where is the place for these mobile services? Anywhere and everywhere is the solution. Recently i saw a few 'food-vans' placed near garbage dumps serving hot and spicy food. And guess what right from bachelors to school kids throng around that area to satisfy their taste-buds. Of course yes for taste but absolutely no for hygiene. But where does this taste come from? The so called roadside chefs mix in a number of 'masala' stuff along with 'red-brown-black' sauce to satisfy your taste-buds. Once this mixture enters your stomach a chain of chemical-reactions occur inside and who knows what will happen. Either immediate effect or silent killing will be the result of such tasty food.

Once I experienced a bad service from a restaurant at a busy area. I ordered a coffee and he took fifteen minutes to prepare it. It was served in a tumbler and guess what, i could observe white noodles in it. The inference of my observation was , the same tumbler was used to serve 'Payasam'(a Semi-Solid dessert made of milk and Vermicelli) to a customer previously.The only thing i could do was leave the place immediately. One of my friends who is a complete vegetarian discovered a 'mutton-piece' in his 'vegetable-briyani'. Such things happen widely in cities where people throng at food-places.

According to me the first aspect to look at while starting a food-chain is hygiene. And for people whose lives revolve around outside food have to also look upon the same.After all 'Health is Wealth'.

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