Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mere business! Target to freshers!

X had applied to a number of companies and waited for months to get proper replies from them. In the meanwhile X got an offer for the post of Consultant in an 'ABC' leading training institute in the city. It took X just one week to understand the nature of the work. Yes, X quit the job in a week's time.But why?

Primarily, X had applied for the post of 'Hardware Engineer' seeing an advertisement given by the institute. After four rounds of interview X was selected and was called for getting the offer letter. And was told that this is a hardware-engineer job wherein X will have to also counsel(bribe) people. First day, a mentor there helped X to learn the nature of work. It was a small place divided into many cabins. And each counselling would take place in one such cabins. The counsellor will have a discussion in the name of an interview with the applicants. And guess what, this interview was not for a job but for pursuing a course in that institute paying a lump sum amount of money. And this is kept as a secret till the candidate meets the interview panel. Well, the advertisements given for such interviews as mere eyewash for the educated people. To be more precise these are called training-cum-recruitment programs.

Actually the plan lies in calling graduates for interviews in the name of Hardware Engineer, but end up in canvasing them to join a course worth 30k-40k. And the worst part is they call engineering graduates who could afford a better job for the effort they have put in their studies for four years. They give additional assurance of placing the candidates once the course is over.In recent days these institutes give daring promises of 100% job guarantee. My first thought is would any 'A' class employer opt for such candidates trained from these institutes? If no, then what is the purpose of these training-cum-recruitment programs. Is this another method to earn money? Wont the victims ever think before investing? Hope 'director Shankar' picks up education bribery as his next subject!!!

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