Monday, April 02, 2007

Drama-Prem Kahani!!!

Day1:Ann experiences her first day at office.
Place:Meeting room
Members: New joinees,Ann,Raymond

Ann: (to herself) Man, when are they gonna start the classes? And why is everyone giving a weird look
Raymond: (to his friends) why aren't there any nice chiks man???
Ann: (heard to what Raymond said and turns back and gives a stare at him)
Raymond: ma'am? any problem?
Ann: No, nothing........
Raymond:(to his friends) Why do aunties come to work? (looks at Ann and comments to his friends) This aunty should have got at least two kids and she comes to work here for time pass.....
Other members: (laugh!)

Day2: Ann experiences her second day at office.
Place: Cafeteria
Members: New joinees,Ann,Raymond

Ann: So........please introduce yourselves. I am Ann, and i have completed my engineering from St Joseph's
Raymond:Oh cool! then continue......
Ann:(looks at a thin guy with spectacles): Whats your name?
Raymond: Raymond!
Ann: Where do you come from?
Raymond: From home........! Where else?
Ann:Grrrr...........(thinks as if we all come from Zulu forests.....)
Ann: Very funny!!!

Day3: Ann experiences her third day at office.
Place: Car Park
Members: Raymond,Ann

Ann:How long have we been waiting for you guys?
Raymond: Oh sorry! we made you wait. Shall we proceed.....
Ann: Yes!
Raymond: Ma'am are you very sensitive?
Ann:(raises her eyebrows) Wha......aaaat?
Ann: Nope not really.......Well, what made you say that?
Raymond: You wear a red bindi on your, maybe i thought you would be.....
Ann: (says to herself) Is this guy trying to get closer or what?
Raymond:Shall we proceed.....
Ann: Yes!

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