Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Separate food blog???

I have a passion towards cooking, that's because I feel cooking is not a 'woman's only' job but its an art. In the recent times, I had been blogging a little more about cooking. Suddenly I came up with this notion of moving my 'cook-posts' to a new blog; and even started thinking of a name for it. Well, that reminds me of parents naming their newborns, which I would want to discuss in my next post. Complicated enough to call out during an emergency, 'Sahaskruthi', 'Abhiprithi','Seemantini', and the list goes on. Back with naming my cook blog, I had a few names in mind - 'Pasta', 'Garlic','Burp', 'Taste it baby', 'Take a bite man' or even 'Fart', if I ran out of names.

But then, the whole idea of having a separate cook blog was not enough satisfying. That's because I do not want separate my ideas as 'General' and 'Cooking'. Neither did I want separate readers for both blogs. I want men who are a 'zero' in cooking, also to read posts about cooking and food; not just in my blog, but elsewhere. Come on, its the food we eat. Lets know where and how it comes from!!!

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