Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Precious / Up in the air

Academy award for 'Best Support Actor' - Mo'Nique in Precious (and) 6 Oscar nominations for 'Up in the air' ; made me watch these two movies as part of my movie night last weekend!

Precious, the most spoken about movie in recent times. Unfortunately I did not watch the climax because I turned off the TV half way through. I was moved. Precious, the obese, illiterate teenager becomes pregnant twice by her own father and lives with her mother who physically and mentally abuses her. Mo'Nique who plays Precious's mother has shown amazing talent in acting. Gabourey Sidibie who plays the 16 year old Precious lost to Sandra Bullock in Oscars under 'Best Actress' category.

Up in the air, its all about firing! And a little romance in between. If you are looking for a corporate movie describing the recession times watch this. A subtle and soothing journey up in the air; its about a man who completes his 10 million miles in the air. George Clooney (Ryan) is hired to fire employees; helping bosses who are coward enough to do it themselves. Anyone would love a job like that. But Natalie, Ryan's coworker did not and she resigned after hearing that the employee whom she fired had committed suicide. 2009 had been a year of recession and this movie looks like a summary of the same! Good watch!

*the pictures show only George Clooney because - Oh god! I just love looking at him, and only him!

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