Thursday, March 25, 2010

Making of a Burger!

First let me tell the history behind this making! Yesterday I planned to make 'Aaloo Mutter' (an Indian version of creamy, rich, buttery* Potato-Peas curry) with Chapathis. My pressure cooker, in which the peas was getting cooked remained dead for quite sometime without whistling. Finally, after about 20 minutes there came the first whistle. (Shiva, the guy who used to follow my bicycle when I was in 8Th class used to whistle better than that!) After its second whistle, my cranky thoughts were to let go 5 whistles, which a normal woman would never do. I assumed that the peas being so hard without being soaked well initially, would cook better in 5 whistles. End result - the peas was mashed thoroughly forming a semi-solid paste!!! And hence raised the idea of making Burger today! A person who is learning to cook good would normally not read further after listening to this mess. But you can trust me!
The most popular McDonald's does not provide veg Burgers. Hence, the vegetarians(especially the ones by birth who have migrated from India to the US) have lesser choice of outside food, or to be specific, Burgers. Well, the making of the patty is a little tricky here. Remaining process is so simple that, even a person like my husband who thinks cooking is a rocket science, can do it easily.

Ingredients I used:
Mashed peas - 2 cups
Boiled potatoes - 2
Scrapped carrot - 1
Salt - very important you have it enough. Plus or minus of this ingredient would spoil any dish.
Chilly powder - 1+ tsp
Garam masala powder - 2 tsp
Jaljeera powder - 1 tsp (I usually add it for its tangy flavor)
Coriander leaves - well....... a little!
Made it this way:
1. Mix all the above ingredients well. I prefer mixing it with clean and dirt-free hands than with a spatula. Mash the potatoes within. Wow, that was a good exercise for my hands.
2. Now it might look like a solid ball (If its in the right consistency). Partition into 4.
3. Grab each portion and roll it with your palms. Flatten a bit
4. Heat each of them in a non-stick pan, preferably; simply because it consumes lesser oil to cook the stuff.
5. Let it become brown both sides. The patty is ready to become a layer.

The Burger arrangement begins:
6. Cut the Burger bun into 2 and toast it. I prefer toasting it.
7. Spread some melted butter.
8. Place the patty and then a sliced tomato and onion. Lettuce or cabbage is optional.
9. Salt and pepper optional but I suggest you add.
Serve with fresh lime.
The final step to Burger enlightenment!!!


... said...

found ur blog by chance...i'm going to try this....thanks

Neha said...

The simplest recipe for a burger. Thanks for posting this on your blog. We all blog-hoppers can enjoy such recipes.

Anuradha said...

@ ...
Thanks. Let me know how the outcome was.

Thanks Neha. Though it is simple, it took some time...

Neha said...

I tried this over the week end and it was nice. My daughter tasted a part of it enjoyed it too. I don't like browsing through food blogs as most recipes there are complicated. I loved this simple recipe.Thanks.