Friday, March 05, 2010


I feel so annoyed by this word - Swamiji! How many Swamijis in line to have taught the same lesson to our Tamil devotees(or should I generalize as Indian devotees). And how many excuses do our people need to repeat the same foolish mistake of following the false footsteps of these sick people.

For those unaware of what crap this post is about; let me explain in detail right from the spiritual guru's motto "Worry is created out of ignorance and sustained by ego" says Paramahamsa Nithyananda in his devotional website.

And yesterday I saw this Sun TV news clip on YouTube and went speechless. People call him god. I blame the people first! There were similar controversies related to sex scandals by Godmen in the past. I do not want to mention names here. If technology can help them in many ways, let it help you in googling about them. Here,the devotees still seem to show that they have not learnt anything from them. Mere stupidity! As told in many south-Indian channels, a swami is a person who sacrifices luxury and chants the name of god.But there is something known as betrayal. That part of the controversy made me write this post.

Wikipedia says "Swami is primarily a Hindu honorific title". What should have made him honorific. I also went through his website and was wondering; do small scale software companies have a tie with such guys to build their websites, so beautiful and professional.

And need I say about these actress who pose in such videos and controversies. Swamijis,film industry personnel, sportsperson, multi-millionaires, politicians are predominantly popular among controversies with actress.In this video, what I discovered was, the actress was trying to keep stuff on light; while Swamiji was keen on turning lights off. My prediction was; whether the actress was involved in helping people find out his true colors. No one knows the truth! And the Swamiji supporters are trying to prove him innocent. Well, lets wait and watch. But from the eyes of a normal human being and of course being a person who knows sufficient information about graphics and computers, I felt there was not much morphing or graphics work.

But you people who blindly follow false footsteps, think twice!


Karthik said...

Wealth and money together with Swamis is a deadly comination. Whereever they exists, we can be certain abt a scandal

Ganesh said...

Hello Akka, you are right here but understans onething, these swamijis are not born,we create them. Why do you want to learn yoga or obtain mental happiness from a spirutual person when you can obtain it from yourself. It is we who create these Swamijis,so we need awareness and not any1 else. But leave Nithyanada, think about Ranjitha. Sun should not have shown her face. Look at the insult, these media houses has bought to a lady. Ranjitha should sue Sun and claim compensation. Its time we censor these media giants and stop the character assasination of a lady. I hope you agree to my views.

Anuradha said...

@ Karthik

very true. Be it a politician or a film personality or even a swamiji - where there is wealth/money/popularity there are more chances of scandals.

Anuradha said...

@ Ganesh

1. Its not 'WE'. Its 'People' who create these Swamijis. There are many people like me who don't even respect these stupid 'so called' extension of worship! My worship stops well with God himself. I don't believe in godmen!

2. Regarding Ranjitha - I feel that she would have been a part of this whole video taping stuff(helping tape the video). Well, who knows! But if she was not, then as you say she can very well sue them.