Friday, May 09, 2008

Bridging it - India and China!

China :
Opens longest sea bridge.Descriptions of the bridge follows:
Distance : 32 kms
Construction started: 2003
Construction completed: 2007
Duration taken to complete: 4 years
Purpose: Connects Jiaxing City with Cixi City(2 major cities)

Opens Kathipara bridge(near Guindy). Only one phase of the bridge stands completed.Description of the same follows:
Distance: Less than 1/2 km
Construction started:2005
Construction completed:2008
Duration taken to complete: 3 years (one phase)
Purpose: Connects GST road towards Vadapalani(one phase)


Sreekrishnan said...

not sure if the sarcasm was intended... but there is a difference when youare using the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Kathipara as the example ...

simple point is the Bay Bridge does not have traffic and the Kathipara has to cope up with Traaffic that heavily uses the route from 4 different directions ... that is not an easy task for an yconstruction engineer to have this ...

compare 2 constructions within the same scope i am sure your point will be the same -

Anuradha said...

I got your point Sreekrishnan. but if u dig the past and see, the construction of Kathipara bridge was stopped for few years due to politics.....
My actual intention of this post is to highlight it but then dint want to speak "Politics".....

Also speaking about traffic.....there are ways by which it can be diverted while construction is going on.What is not possible?

China- imagine man challenging nature....for a 32 km stretch imagine the number of pillars required for that megastructure and imagine the amount of manpower and transport used for the construction.....if that was possible in 4 yrs, my question is why not Kathipara?

Arvind said...

chinese were building a bridge which never existed. they didnt have to control existing traffic, this is not the case kathipara.i presume the comparison is not justified.