Friday, April 25, 2008


The instructor cheated me. 3 weeks back when I checked my weight it was '_ . 3' kgs( _ intentional for light-hearted readers). Yesterday (after 3 weeks of heavy workout sessions), I could not take my eyes off the weighing machine which read '_ . 8' kgs (an increase in 0.5 kgs).

I immediately called for a personal meeting with the owner and the other trainers of the fitness center, to complain about my 'loss in money and gain in weight'. I made my face as an angry customer in front of them. I decided I am not going to compromise with their explanations.

Mr.Moses, the owner of the center decided to give a start from their side. He said, "We are very sorry if you feel our training is not satisfactory for you ma'am. But let me clarify one thing from you, did you follow our diet plans?" He then turned to my trainer and asked her if she provided me the diet plans sheet. Only then I came to know diet was 50% of the weight loss program.

I have been hogging like anything for the past 3 weeks thinking my exercises would compensate them!!! God has saved my calories!

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