Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finishing 'Thair Saadham'

Srikanth: No matter what you say, ‘thair saadham(curd rice) thair saadham’ only…No match for it!!!
): Hey, don’t keep praising yourself every time.
with an angry tone
): Maya , don’t call me thair saadham. One more time you do that I will kick your ass.
Maya (
): Why do you scold me for saying the truth. You eat ‘thair saadham’ right? That’s the reason I named you that way.
Srikanth: I eat any type of cuisine but ‘thair saadham’ is an excellent finishing. I got used to. It usually is like a thanks note in my menu.
Maya: Hmmm, then?
Srikanth: My dad eats ‘thair saadham’ with milk sweet. What do you say for that? I know you will have some comments on it.
Maya:!?!? (
Went blank with a raised eyebrow)

KK mama (Srikanth ‘s dad) lives with his 'Thair saadham'. During an informal chat Srikanth had told maya that mama eats 'thair saadham' in many combinations. Frankly speaking, I have eaten it with pickle and love to have it with paalak paneer gravy. But mama eats it with rasam, and unbelievably with milk-sweet too. Will that combination work? Maama’s love towards 'thair saadham' has reached heights.


siddharth said...

Try curd rice with masala vadai when its hot n steaming.

Sexy taste I say !

and i TOT mama was srikanth himself and whos this Maya !

Anuradha said...

Yeah i can assume how it would be...Thair saadham with masala vadai! How about with roadside bajji, the shop next to IOB?

Sexy taste aaa?? apdina epdi irukum?? u see naan remba innocent...

no no no....maama is not Srikanth. His appa, maama-to-be for Maya ;-)

Kaushik said...

Thair sadam with Tomato sauce, Ultimate Combination :) You should try it sometime!

Anuradha said...

With tomato sauce? both being sour by nature will work out? let me try and let u know...

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