Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yet another Po'em

Here is another poem, or rather a scribbling. It is a general saying that people write a poem when they are sad/depressed, romantic/being-loved, happy/energetic. This one too falls under one of the category....


You rolled over my cheek,
and wet my shawl;
I thought you would better,
stop your crawl!

This time you made your session
a little longer than before;
Please leave me alone,
my eyes can't strain anymore.

People are watching me cry,
and I guess I must stop it now;
You trouble me almost everyday,
vanish today and come tomorrow.

My face-cloth is fully wet,
by your downpour;
Now will you please stop
embarrassing me more.

But to tell a truth
about you that's hidden;
You are my only mate who,
surprise me all of a sudden.
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Janusman said...

enna ka !! poem konjam maari irukku !!

ungaloda first line na suttu naan onnu compose panninaen!! :)

Anuradha said...

Yeah konjam anga anga touch up...

added a little more rhyme...