Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Short Story - Bengalooru - The ultimate destination? (Part 2)

Back with Bengalooru series. Here is a true story which happened recently to a person whom I know.

After a long break and relaxation in his hometown, Srikanth is back in Bangalore . He started his career in Bangalore but developed the same in Chennai. Chennai’s dust and sun did not create a bit of dislike for him. But Mr.Kurubaani (his senior manager) wanted Srikanth to enjoy Bangalore for sometime. Their conversation went this way….

Kurubaani: Srikanth, people with your experience are thriving to fly on site. May I know the reason why rejected your turn.
Srikanth: Boss, personal issues.
Kurubaani: (to himself)
I can't accept this man.
Srikanth: Sorry about that, could you please give me an alternative.
Kurubaani: You will have to move to Bangalore soon for your next assignment
Srikanth: Sir, but….
Kurubaani: No but’s and if’s please. Next week report there in Bangalore . Good day!
Srikanth: (cries within)
Indha aal nadu mandaila nangunu onnu vaikka mudiliye.Why don’t managers understand we have issues. Why is that the company does not help its employees. Am I saying I won’t work. Why don’t they give me a project here. At least for sometime till my issues are resolved.

The following week Srikanth reached Bangalore at around 10.30 in the night on a dull Sunday. He took a pre-paid auto amid lots of call taxi people hounding him to take their vehicle and was travelling to his guest house clutching his luggage. The road was almost empty and desolate and Srikanth was enjoying the breeze though he was sleepy. Srikanth has already had few worst experiences there during his last stay. This time the ‘Tamil Nadu-Karnataka dispute on Hogennakkal’ added fuel to fire.

The auto driver tried to act as if he was a local by talking in the native language of Bangalore even though he knew only a few words. Suddenly Srikanth observed a motorist whizz past the auto at a fairly good speed and suddenly slowed down. A similar incident took place 2 years back while Srikanth was returning home and the auto driver stopped in the middle of a dark lonely road. A speeding auto came behind and Srikanth had to run fearing for his life. He knew both autos were following him, but luckily another auto came and Srikanth took that one to reach his home escaping the thieves.

This time Srikanth was reminded by that incident and wanted to be more cautious as he had 3 bags with him including a trolley suitcase. The motorist who overtook the auto slowed down to run parallel with the auto. He started staring at Srikanth and gave him wild looks. Srikanth wanted to ask the motorist “ What the f*** do you want?” Suddenly he was struck by a thought what if the motorist was the auto driver’s friend.

He was almost reaching his destination while the motorist still kept following the auto. The auto driver now crossed the destination and kept on driving. Srikanth got very suspicious and asked the driver if he knew the route correctly.

The motorist still followed and over took the vehicle. The auto suddenly stopped. Srikanth was going to get down of the auto as his suspicion rose to its peak. Within a fraction of second the motorist drove fast passing the auto almost as if to strike Srikanth down deliberately. Then only Srikanth realized that the motorist was drunk and it had been a holiday in Bangalore . Suddenly a hand touched his shoulders.

Srikanth turned back in a force to hit the person with his hand while he heard a statement “Welcome to Bangalore ”. That was Srikanth’s friend waiting to receive him. Srikanth smiled back and paid the auto driver and left to his room.

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