Sunday, April 06, 2008

First full meal!

From the beginner’s kitchen, here is yet another successful preparation(how I decide its successful is based on my kitchen Vishwamithra’s comments – my mom). During my teens whenever I went to kitchen or whenever my mom used to yell at me for not doing any household work, my dad used to save me shouting at her back. He says never disturb a child when she is studying; and I took that as an advantage to escape household work.

Coming back to today’s recipe, apart from the usual side dishes I concentrate on, this is a perfect breakfast / night dinner which served two. It took nearly 1 hour and 30 Mins for me to display the output. It’s nothing new, but the usual ‘Roti and Sabzi’(trust me right from the flour preparation till the garnishing the entire work was mine this time); which came out perfectly well. During the middle of the preparation I had to grab an orange from the fridge and satisfy my hunger, I could not hold till my dish was ready. First time proper cooking so took a long time than usual and most of all I knew how my cooking will be and hence didn’t want to rely on that. If I don’t trust my own cooking then why this mess - practice makes things perfect!

Some few years back when I actually started cooking I found it real difficult as there were no proper guides for beginners. Hence I want to share my experience with people who are planning to kick-off your kitchen experience in near future. I would be very grateful to hear from beginners like me, experts, and masters in cooking art.

Roti and Aaloo gravy

Dough preparation:

  • Put 1 to 2 cups of flour in a convenient vessel.
  • Add salt as per your needs, a pinch of turmeric powder
  • Those who want can add 1 tablespoon of Vanaspathi, or ghee to make the Roti’s rich.
  • Mix them well with your hands to make it a perfect dough. There are many dough makers available in market. But I would suggest mixing with our own hands because it gave my hand muscles a perfect exercise for 5 minutes.
  • Leave it exposed to air for five minutes.
  • Make hot Roti’s with the dough.

    Aaloo Podimaas

    Potatoes – 2
    Onion – 1
    Carrots – 2
    Green Chillies – 2
    Curry leaves
    Turmeric powder
    Chilly powder

  • Boil the potatoes and carrots in a pressure cooker for 5 mins
  • Fry onions in pan with required oil till it turns golden brown
  • Add curry leaves, chillies, turmeric powder, chilly powder and salt.
  • Add water to it and let it boil for 2 mins
  • Mash the boiled potato and carrots and add to it.
  • Leave it on fire for 2-3 mins
  • Add coriander leaves to the gravy and serve it with the Rotis.

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