Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A good 'Song'!

Usually ARR songs will become hot favorites amongst many, but after listening to it for a repeated number of times. ARR songs are very reliable. Recently I heard a song 'Maduraiku Pogadhe' in one of the many 'FM' channels. Way different from the usual numbers this one created a curiosity in me to know who was the music director and which movie it is from. Unfortunately the 'RJ' did not announce that. According to me a song and its composition becomes good only when the listeners get the 'feel' of it and search for its details. Obviously, for any good job done don't we ask 'Who did this?'

While browsing through the channels, I violently came back to the channel where I heard this song again; just to know who has scored the music. A perfect folk song or a 'Kuthu' paatu or a 'Masth' song or whatever you mention; this one is from ATM (Now for people in Tamil Nadu ATM is no more Automated Teller Machine but Azhagiya Tamilmagan). I basically(and acidically ;-))don't like actor Vijay but ARR has proved that his fans will never be cheated! After knowing this song was a Rehman's product I felt 'No wonder'! Rehman rocks!


sirpy said...

Ah.. You are almost like a mirror image.. Even I used to feel that unless you did some work towards the song, tried getting it, analysing it, etc.. But nowadays, people get albums for the actor and not the music director.. And somehow manages to piss me off.. Anyway, Rehman does rock..!

Anuradha said...

//But nowadays, people get albums for the actor and not the music director//

rightly said!

Remix songs are hot favorites these days.....well, am not into the research of whether remix is good or not.....maybe thats a different topic(will soon post one on it;-)).But even in remixing songs Rehman is unique. 'Ponmagal vandhal' of ATM proves.....