Monday, October 23, 2006

Just like that......
One fine Monday morning. Sitting in front of my home PC. Feeling really bored. Wanna watch the nu Diwali release movies. But no company!!! :-( It becomes difficult to kill time especially when we have a long weekend and sitting at home. I was just exploring ways to kill time. Tried dancing for a fast number. Became tired in few minutes. Nothing much in television. Same old good for nothing daily soaps.
So finally decided to put a blog post,,,,

I even logged on my messenger just to check if someone else is sitting bored like me. Found one of my friends who is in US currently.He stays at Philadelphia. He said its 1.00 a.m there and he was awake just to meet his friends online. He also gave me a piece of information that bursting crackers was banned in US. One could burst crackers only in an open stadium. The idea looks neat and good. But where is the fun. Whereas here in India its a tradition bursting crackers in front of the houses on Diwali day!!! Rules differ from nation to nation. Well,lots of environmental issues matters.

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