Monday, October 23, 2006

I was here!!!

A wonderful romantic place located in Madurai(Southern India) named 'Naicker Mahal'. One might have noticed the same in the movie 'Bombay' where the song 'Kannalane' was shot.

Pointers to reach here:
Once you reach Madurai there is a famous bus terminus named 'Maatu-Thavani' (as far as I know Maatu-cow's, Thavani-Half Saree. Am not aware of the history behind the name of this place). You got to be here.
From here you can take a direct bus.
Else you can take a bus from the famous 'Meenakshi Temple' zone.

They charge you 25 bucks as entrance fee. Extra charges for camera and video coverage.Its good to be here. The mahal is entirely built with pillars. The carvings depict the value of ancient Tamil Nadu.The ceiling wall which connects two pillars has miniature carvings which is an extra-ordinary masterpiece. The same is done for all the pillars. There is a wide open space in the center of the mahal. Before many hundred years this was were the common men were allowed to sit while the emperor sits on the stage. This place was usually meant for the discussions between the king and the common men.

A little bit of maintenance would help look the place new always. This has been a tourist spot in Madurai apart from the popular 'Meenakshi Temple'.

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