Monday, October 23, 2006

One and Only SuperStar in Tamil Cinema!

There is one person who is framed as South-Indian superstar, and he is none other than Mr.Rajnikanth (for those who don’t know). According to me he was not given the title just like that. He worked hard for it and he ultimately deserved the title. He is a mass hero. His fans belong to all age groups. This one and only superstar started his career acting in small roles. After so many years of his hard work and career people recognized him as a superstar. He had acted in all kinds of characters. Some of them have a wrong notion that he is not a character artist, he is just a mass hero, he gets claps just by appearing in the big screen. Well, for those guys movies like ‘Mullum Malarum’, ‘Aarilirundhu Aruvadhu varai’, ‘Thalapathy’, ‘Thangamagan’, are good examples to prove their theory wrong.

Apart from this he is a good comedian, villain, a great hero and what not. For all this he truly deserves the title. And not just five or six, this hero had done hundreds of movies to prove him the best. But now my question is, in the recent past few other actors who had hardly done two to three good movies are trying to get into the list of superstars!!! This title should be given to people who really deserve it. Why doesn’t the young crowd understand it.

There is this person Vijay who has not yet proved him as a good actor. More than this there is another person called ‘Chimpoo’ or whatever, who calls himself ‘Little SuperStar’. This was when he was young. Does that mean now he will remove the ‘Little’ off his title. People never think. These blooming stars should be given time to prove themselves before they are titled!!!

And yes I should also mention the increase in fan clubs for good-for-nothing actors. Recently I came across a fan club for a lady artist who has not proved her as a good actor. But people feel she deserves it just because she is glamorous. If these people who create the clubs had used their time and money in some other useful work there wont be any poverty or unemployment in India. Will the actor come and spend few of her valuable time with them? Will she even talk to them over phone when they try wishing her on an occasion? Recently in a television interview she said that the media people are becoming a disturbance in her life. If that is the case for the media, then what about the common man who is the member of her fan club.

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Janusman said...

rightly said..

u have missed milestones of his career - Netrikan , Thillu Mullu, Baadshah, Annamalai - his ecstatic style and acting go hand in hand...

there is no one to equal his style as far as i can think of.