Wednesday, October 25, 2006

DON with the best!!!

Perhaps its a nice idea to remake an old movie with the present day technology. DON is a best example. I have not seen the original version though; in which the DON was Big B. The same was remade in Tamil as BILLA which was a box office hit. This one was done by none other than the South-Indian Superstar Rajnikanth. The movie was a breakthrough in his career.

The recent DON has lot many twists and turns till the end. More of daring efforts taken, especially the fight sequence in the tropospheric layer . The various outdoor locations where the movie has been shot are amazing. Though the story is already popular among the people from many years, one should appreciate the way this movie is made. No doubt, SRK rocks! He looks younger and daring than ever before. His performance is stunning as usual. Priyanka is a perfect choice. The new DON is a good entertainer and a must watch movie.

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