Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Finally IndiRank is here! My IndiRank as you can see to your right reads 68 in bold and big. If you notice a little more, it says 68/100. From my childhood, I have been brought up knowing, the lesser the Rank is, the more better you are. But here, according to IndiBloggers, the more your Rank is, the more score your blog has got and the more better your blog is!
Phewww, I was a bit shocked looking at it today morning and was thinking how bad a blogger I am; blogging since 2006. Got myself cleared after having researched on it. Here are the stats about my blog:
You have a good Alexa Rank.
You update your blog frequently. Keep Blogging!
You have a good IndiRank.Keep blogging and watch it

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