Thursday, April 08, 2010

Her body - Breast Cancer initiative

Breast Cancer is a very known and common attack on women these days. Awareness about it is not enough; at least in India. People tend to think that Breast Cancer is a disease that attacks older women. And how many men care about creating awareness about it to their fellow women.

To be more precise and accurate, studies say that, any kind of small or large lump called cysts might be a cancer cell. And I read somewhere that breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer next only to lung cancer. Hence early detection and removal of the cancerous cell might lead to a normal and healthy life in the long run.

Another of its kind called 'Fibroadenoma' is a tumor that develops when 'a small lump like' cell grows in the breast for quite some years. This is very common in adolescent women. Not many teens and young adults are aware of it. I would suggest such awareness are created right in the schools and colleges to help avoid major developments.

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