Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chennai City Traffic Police

[Again, this was a post saved as a draft for almost 3 years(on 8/8/07 at 11.11 AM) now, in my Dashboard. This is about a traffic scenario in Chennai, India. Hope the situations are changed and people are enjoying hassle free commute!]
Imagining a scenario at a busy Chennai Road, everyday we see the Traffic police yelling their voices out without any racial differences. The intensity of bad words they use over the people who break the traffic rules might be funny for others, but at times creates a chaos when the concerned party starts firing against the cops.

The picture shown here is a situation at a busy place called Tambaram here in Chennai. Tambaram is a south node which joins Chennai from other places in Tamil Nadu or Tambaram can be defined as the 'Gateway of Chennai'.

Now, I need to reach point '9' from point '1' everyday while traveling back home from office. Practially, logically, mathematicaly and actually it should take 1 minute if my bus is allowed to take '1-2-7-8-9' route. But the red spot there has a problem. Thats the traffic police destination who do not allow a U-turn for vehicles at point '2'. So my bus takes the '1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8' path to reach point '9'. Crazy people and crazy traffic situations!!!

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