Saturday, September 12, 2009

Neeya Naana Photos

Here I am attaching a few pictures that I shot during the great event. Fetna had organized it for 3 days, of which we could not cover most of the third day event, as my husband who was curious in shooting me on stage met with a small injury while he was coming down the stairs. Hence, immediately after my show was over we had to head to the nearby hospital. Well, I had to experience the point which I had told in the debate. In this lonely land, without a single person to support I had to manage the entire scene alone. Isn't that "Munnetram(progress)"?
In the photos : I am the first person sitting in the second row, right side, center stage (in a lovely green saree presented by my Mom-in-law).
Find more pictures in this FETNA link of day 2 images. Neeya Naana comes immediately after 'Kattabomman's images.