Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Me on 'Neeya Naana'

This year the North American Tamil Vizha was conducted in Atlanta by FETNA ( ); on July 3rd, 4Th and 5Th at the Georgia Tech University campus. Popular personalities like Scientist Mayilsamy, poet Vairamuthu, Actors Jeeva Pasupathi and many others were part of it. And it was a very happy occasion for me, being a part of it. Volunteering on day 1, I was there to take part in Neeya Naana, a popular TV show(Star Vijay television) conducted by this eminent TV personality, Gopinath(popularly known as Neeya Naana Gopinath).

"Americavil kudi peyarthadhal adhigam munnetram adaindhadhu Aangala, Pengala?" (Who has succeeded more after moving to America - Men or Women?) was the topic given. Well, if you ask, my personal opinion would be - Men! But I was put in Pengale (Women) side of the debate and trust me, I could not think of a single point to support my side of the topic, till the day. Finally I came up with this point...Checkout the video. The last person speaking in this video is me. The video not being that clear, you can find me on the right side, second row, center stage, first person.


Seenivasan said...

That's great. You are going to be on TV...!!!!

Although I couldn't recognize your voice - going by what you said 'last person speaking' - good point.

Anuradha said...

Thanks Seeni.

Ya the last person speaking in that video is me. There were around 8 video clips to cover the entire show. Mine was the last of this one pasted and a little bit in the next subsequent video too. Well, I am searching the continuation of this video. Will post that too once I get it.

And the event took place on Jul4th. So don't know when it will come on TV. Heard that Makkal TV showed it sometime back.

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