Friday, September 25, 2009

Fried rice isn't a big deal

I discovered that this is going to be the easiest and quickly made variety rice, especially when you are running short of time.

There was a time when I kept wondering what makes this dish so very mouth-watering. Well, its time to explore. Nothing much, its the Soy sauce and Ajinomoto which gives it the 'yumm' taste. But I am not using either of them, not because that I don't have them both right now; but I felt the fried rice comes out well even without them.

All You need is:
Boiled rice
- As per the head count (Just make sure its not too boiled or sticky)
Carrots - cut them into longer thinner pieces
Green beans - same as carrots, but remember that beans takes more time to get cooked that carrots
Capsicum - I prefer smaller cubes, how about you
Spring onions - Aaah, now this guy is the hero. Cut them smaller to mix up well with the rice.
Ginger - I prefer adding ginger in most dishes for easier digestion. Oh come on, not in my cakes.
Green chillies - Size similar to carrots
Pepper - I like it pepper hot.
Salt - If its American made then 2 spoons, else if its Indian then 3 spoons. I have no idea why. Purely out of experience and taste.
Oil - Gingely oil
Ghee - Just a spoon for its aroma. Only for guests, not for you.

Get started:
A kadai/pan would do. Add oil and heat it.
Add half the pepper and ginger.
Add the veggies - carrots, beans and saute it for 1 minute.
Add a little bit of water, close the lid and let cook for 2 minutes. (On the contrary, you can boil these 2 veggies separately before and keep it ready. But remember that, neither of the veggies should be over-cooked. Remember eating it in a Chinese restaurant?)
Remove lid, add capsicum and the remaining pepper. You can add a spoonful of ghee at this stage. Saute and close lid again. Let cook for a minute.
Now add the rice. Mix well. Add salt. Reduce the heat.
Taste a spoonful to check if the salt and pepper has covered the rice and veggies well.
If no, add more.

In restaurants, fried rice is served with tomato sauce. Being truly Indians from the south, we prefer raitha with it. Especially boondhi raitha. Here you go. Decorate the rice as you like before serving or grab a spoonful right from the stove.

Other methods:

OK, now you don't have all these veggies. Say you just have beans. Well, repeat the process. Maybe you can add some chopped onions to fill the dish.Well that's not going to be a traditional fried rice. But who cares. Enjoy your meal as per your taste.


siddharth said...

Ram its time for you to blog.

Eating fried rice isnt all that great !

Just kidding, go girl. Am a soooper fan of your blog. At times there is soo much kathu my computer falls down

I kno mokkai joke.

Anuradha said...

hehehe...thank u thank u....

Anyways he is the one on whom I lab test my inventions on....Poor guy has no choice.

Well Ram has a blog which is now rusted and somewhere lost....