Sunday, October 26, 2008

Those two movies

Thanks to Praveen who shared his DVD collections with me. After a long time, I got a chance to watch 3 movies from the collection - Cinema Paradiso, Scent of a woman, Shawshank Redemption. And do I need to say that these movies are still in the list of 'All time best movies'?

Well, I did like Scent of a woman, but then the movie was entirely based on Alpacino in the background. Hence I skip commenting about it right now except for a punchline 'What a man - Alpacino!'
Coming to the other 2 movies; Cinema Paradiso - Man, Is this a movie or an encyclopedia! I have been watching Hollywood classics for a few years now. Till few years back, I was under a wrong notion that 'Manirathnam was the best director', 'Kamal Hassan was the greatest actor', 'Illayaraja was the best music director'. I feel everyone would have felt like this in the beginning till you extended your exposure. The world is so big and we have seen very less of it. After I got an exposure to these classics all my previous notions shattered into pieces. And I am happy about it!
Cinema Paradiso - A movie for a lifetime! I guess this statement will explain it all! Every single frame of it is to be treasured. For people who have not watched it yet, go for it right away. It revolves around the story of a man right from his childhood. The word 'child' reminds me of the little kid(the one seen in the picture above) who has broken every one's record of acting (I meant ‘broken records’ because, for his age what he has delivered is mind blowing). People say that the recent Tamil flick ‘Veyyil’ is a remake of Cinema Paradiso. I have not watched ‘Veyyil’ yet, neither do I want to watch it anymore. Because, I don’t want to come to a conclusion, that these Bollywood and Kollywood directors lack brains to even copy a movie properly. Well, that’s totally another debate which I don’t want to get into.
Shawshank Redemption - another masterpiece! I call it a 'Man Movie'. And the reason being, either the movie is full of men and no single woman in it or the theme behind would grab the attention of a man more than a woman. Still I forced myself to watch it completely as I was curious in knowing what made it top the list of 'All time Best movies'. I got glued to my seat till the end of the movie because; of the direction, thrill it created, the life of prisoners and the ailments they suffer from, the ruthless jail wardens, the punishments one would suffer from in jail, Andy's composed nature and patience and of course his master plan to escape from jail, Morgan Freeman (an obvious reason for anyone who watches the movie to like it), last but not the least -the master plan. This movie reminds me of 'Great Escape' , which had a similar theme.


Praveen said...

Hello Anu,

Good that it had triggered you to write about it.

Despite from shawshank redemption reputed as movie of al times' it did not made its production cost in box office when it was released. It was considered flop.

May be because of the 'Woman Factor' in the movie, which you have mentioned.

Still it has become one of the movie of the centuty - is history.

Anuradha said...

Sure it is, anytime!